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    I would appreciate any advice on the following. Our club Wayfarer (MK1) has some damage to the fibreglass support / webb that runs forward from the front of the centreboard case almost to the mast foot. Stripping off the old original glass where it connects to the case revealed two thick rigid plastic battens which are glassed in solid either side of the webb but which engage in two carefully constructed hollow ” blisters” on either side of the CB case.
    Looks like this is deliberate to allow movement as it would have been much easier to sinply glass the whole setup solid , which is the intention for the repair unless there is good reason to try to reconstruct the original format.
    Iain Mc


    Mine is an old boat (Mk 1) which broke its back (on a jetty in Milford Haven) some years ago. I repaired it and glassed up the bit between the centreplate case and forward bulkhead. I don’t remember any “pockets” and its certainly solid now. I also beefed up the centreplate case with wooden stringers and glass. I used epoxy and heavyweight woven glass. This was some four years ago and I’ve had no problems since. I hope this helps. Its done quite a bit of cruising since including heavy weather. Just remember to leave “limber holes” (holes in the box section to allow the water to drain aft) or you’ll have a permanent pool of water in the front of the boat!


    Blue Tak,
    Thanks for the info. Think our best option is to do exactly what you did as the CB case on the boat needs reinforcing too. Sorry for the delay in replying
    Iain Mc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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