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    Colin Parkstone

    With all the ferry crossings that are members will be doing this year,

    does anyone know of any company that may be willing to give us a discount for these crossings for a bulk order.

    Anyone found or used a company in the past that has helped with good prices ?

    How about a sponsor to help.

    Any Ideas ?????????????

    C P 🙂


    See if you can get in touch with the RS Association secretary (via their web site). They have a Eurocup and 100 or more boats that travel abroad each year….


    Check with the RYA, they may have negotiated ferry discounts for their members. I know that their Dutch counterpart “het Watersportverbond” has for their members.

    If all else fails, ask Ralph how to sail across on your own keel.


    I believe Irish boats (ISA members) can get a 10% reduction on Stena Line sailings.

    Negotiating a deal sounds like a good idea.


    Colin Parkstone

    Thanks for the replies so far,please keep them coming in!
    With the above in mind i have considered that if we were to approach a ferry company we would have to have some ideas of how many people would be going to say Holland, Denmark or both?
    Could I ask you all if your are thinking about one of these trips to maybe mail me or indicate on this thread so that when I approach a company it will be with some idea of numbers.
    The more that go i think they would look at more favourably than just one or two.


    C P 🙂


    Being an unfortunate shareholder in Eurotunnel I’ll be taking advantage of my travel privs and going underground .

    Colin Parkstone

    Thats Cool Mr Mole !! Maybe they could sponsor us ???

    C P 😆

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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