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    Trying to get the best out of one’s Wayfarer depends partly on setting the boat correctly. This is not a topic that has been discussed much on this forum yet, so to get the ball rolling I thought that I would give some of the numbers that I use and would welcome any coment or contributions from others.

    My boat is a Mk 1 Porters woody and I use Pinnell & Bax sails, measurements taken with the rig under tension of 350 pounds, standard Selden mast etc.

    940mm across shrouds at spreaders. Spreader length 515mm. Spreader deflection 205mm. giving a prebend of 42mm at the spreaders. I sail with the mast raked at 23′ 5″ when we expect to be overpowered and at 23′ 7″ for light winds.

    These settings are fast upwind for medium and strong winds. Very light winds are another story as I and/or my settings are slow.

    Sea Lancer

    John thanks for this info. Confirm that the adjustment for light winds is achieved by moving the pin in the shroud plates? What about the use of chocks for different conditions? I also note that these measurements are not the standard settings detailed in the rig tuning guides available. How did you arrive at these settings?



    Yes, I change the rake setting by moving the pin in the shroud plate one hole vertically, which seems to give a difference of about two inches in rake.

    Chocks: I fill the gap in front of the mast with a variety of chocks of different thickness with the mast in the upright position. I put no more in when the mast is raked, which allows the mast to bend slightly further when under load. The heel position of the mast allows the 6mm pivot pin to just clear the front of the pivot hole, therefore giving clearance for further bending. I have heard that some people remove one chock to allow the mast to bend almost at will in gusts.

    My settings may be non standard, but I and others at my club who use P&B sails have concluded that 42mm prebend works well for those sails. Most other makes of sails appear to need less. I have found that these are the settings that I need on my boat to achieve that bend. Other boats (different shroud positions) and other sails will vary the settings.

    It would be great if others could post their settings here. We could then think about a new set of “standard settings”.

    Dave Barker

    Is it realistic to hope for standard settings? Surely the settings depend upon the assumptions made by the sailmaker?

    Some sails will be cut fuller than others, and should therefore require a greater amount of mast bend to flatten them, and vice versa.


    You have hit the nail on the head Dave. What I am hoping to generate is some sort of discussion and contribution from Wayfarers with differing sails and types of boat so that we can all learn how to set-up our boats better. There will never be a standard for all boats and sails.

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