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    Paul Coveney

    Hi all,

    Just a thought…..

    I wondered if it would be worth considering have a “forum” element on the Facebook page? The forums on here are pretty clunky by modern standards and don’t seem to be getting regular interactions. I use various Facebook pages to get help and guidance on my other hobbies (scuba diving & classic cars), and find them much more user friendly and responsive.



    This is a good idea – having to actively come here to follow conversations and see new posts means I pay less attention than I would like.

    Luke Bosman

    There are existing Wayfarer groups on Facebook but it seems to take a long time to be approved as a member and they appear to have very little discussion. Perhaps everyone’s just too busy sailing.

    Paul Coveney

    Yes, I’ve seen the current Facebook page – very good page, but doesn’t seem to be much interaction with/between members. Just thought it would be a better way to way to get technical help etc.

    Dave Barker

    My main objection to this suggestion is that the existing body of knowledge and opinion held in this website’s forum would become separated from any such new forum. Given that it would very likely be the same people contributing to the forum -wherever it was hosted – I’m not convinced that it would necessarily make a huge difference to the quality and quantity of discussion.

    More generally, I’m anxious that we don’t fragment onto numerous separate platforms, which ironically would make it more difficult to keep track of new discussions, for example. I’m open to suggestions as to how to move forward, but we must also take into account the diversity of our requirements – information, archives, shop, classifieds, forum, news, results etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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