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    Hi to all my readers,

    Having recently reawakened the old sailing passions via the usual route of reading anything available, I have to confess to having fallen in love with the cruising Wayfarer idea. I’ve joined up as an associate for now, and am investigating the idea of buying something decent second hand. There are loads of sailing clubs available where I live in South Bucks.
    So I’m a bit confused as to what to do next? I wonder how some of you out there progressed in the early days to where you are now? Would appreciate any advice as am only interested in sailing Wayfarers as I think it might be the best dinghy to try and tempt the wife and 2 daughters (17 and 11)to share my passion and take their minds off the stresses of shopping.



    I’d say there are a number of routes available to you now.

    One route could be to visit some local sailing clubs and talk to the Wayfarer sailors. There is a list of Wayfarer fleets under the racing section of this website. Upper Thames Sailing Club perhaps? I believe they have a strong fleet, and welcome young people with open arms too.

    Another option could be to look at the ‘Wayfarers for Hire’ listing on this site (Cruising/General Info) at maybe Queen Marys (5 miles from Staines) or West Oxford.

    Or another option is to go buy one! Whilst that might feel expensive, if things should not work out then you can probably sell for a similar-ish amount to the amount you paid (ie some but little depreciation).

    If you were to buy, then there will be other costs, such as Insurance (Third Party is important) which would be about £60-70pa inc theft cover etc. There might be sailing club fees, maybe a towbar if you plan to keep your boat on the drive, and launching fees if you tend to sail in the sea. If you do plan to go to and from the sea, then ensure you have a good trailer.

    Finally, whilst you may well love the idea of sailing again, do not assume your wife will share your passion. And certainly do not take her out until you have a few sails under your belt. Your first outings will feel both exhilarating and frustrating. Once you have half a dozen outings, you will slip in and out of the water easily, come alongside easily and without stress. Once you have achieved these things again (and of course you will) then think about introducing the family.

    I would also suggest, like learning to drive, you do not try and be the teacher to your wife of how to sail! Introduce her, sure. And if she likes it, then consider professional tuition.

    And yes, it can be a wonderful feeling to be out on the water in your own boat! Give it a try, I am sure you will love it. 🙂



    Hi Jon,

    Thanks for your valuable advice, exactly what I needed. I think hiring a Wayfarer seems a good idea to get me started for this season whilst I take my time and look for something to buy. You’re right about professional coaching for the wife too as the alternative would be like sailing in a hot spring with the bungs removed!

    Many thanks again,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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