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    A couple of years ago, this forum used to be really active with people looking for and giving advice.  Is there another forum that people now?

    Does anyone know how many entries there are for the Nationals?  The Entry list on this site has said ‘To be populated….’ for quite some time now, I know I am not the only one have entered 🙂

    The forum was always very useful in the past, but it wont be if people never post.

    See you in Littlehampton!


    Dave Barker

    Hi Trevor,

    Sometimes it seems pretty quiet here, but the only way that will change is if we all make the effort to keep using the website and the forum.

    Hot off the press the Entry List page has been populated!

    I know Arun YC is working hard to make the Nationals a memorable event – I almost wish I was going.

    Best wishes!

    Bernard Hickman

    I guess this place is more of an archive now..


    Dave Barker

    Hi Berni,

    Welcome to the UKWA forum!

    It’s difficult at the moment, with no sailing and for some people no access to our boats. But yes. the forum is a great source of information from past contributors, and it can continue to grow if we keep using it.

    I hope you find a nice Wayfarer.


    The Wayfarer Dinghy Group on facebook is very active and a lot of members use it.

    I’d recommend it as a great place to get advice on all things Wayfarer related.


    Jerome FR – W447

    Hi Porttackflyer,
    but, for those (like me) who don’t have/don’t want to reopen their Facebook account, the forum is the only way to be in touch with the community, help, advice, share and request.

    I have experienced the same “battle” between the forum (the real backbone of the club) and Facebook (so easy and convenient).

    We decided to work on the easiness to use the forum.
    The main issue to be solved was how to post the picture.
    A geek member of the club has developed a little program that allows the members to browse their computer, choose the picture they want to insert in a post, download, choose the size (but that part isn’t necessary, if we decide the good picture size is 800×600 for example, it could do it without choice) and, in 20 seconds, the program gives the URL with the good tags to be copied and pasted in the post, into the topic.
    The forum has restart immediately :
    pictures everywhere :
    to introduce newcomers: picture
    to illustrate an issue: a picture,
    to share a tip: a picture,
    to share a great place to sail or a fantastic moment with friends and Wayfarers: many pictures

    Pictures simplify and boost the engagement.
    I just arrived in this forum, and I can see no picture, and I still don’t know how to do it…


    Dave Barker

    We are stuck with using old forum software because of the need to retain posts from past years. Additionally I am away sailing at the moment.

    The only workaround that I could find for posting images requires them to be approved by an administrator. I will be back next week and when I have more than just a phone in a Wayfarer I will review the situation.

    Jerome FR – W447

    Thks Dave and happy sailing!


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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