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    I’m making (slow) progress sanding my wooden seat benches but I’m hoping before too long I’ll be ready to epoxy and varnish them.

    I’ve never used epoxy before so I’m not sure how much I will need.

    Would 1kg of West system resin and 0.2kg of hardener be enough or too much?

    Any other tips for successfully applying epoxy gratefully received.



    Bob Harland

    According to the manual 1kg of 105 is enough to coat 8.5 – 9.5 square m

    Lots of guidance in the manual – download from West Systems.

    Hope that helps


    Thanks Bob, I’ll have a read of the manual.

    Tim Jeanneret

    Hi Adam,

    I just did a bit of epoxying on my wooden boat this winter (new keel, new aft deck, sealing CB case) with West Systems epoxy. I found it much easier to work with than some thicker alternatives I’ve tried.

    My tip: buy the little pumps that fit in the mouth of the hardener and resin cans and dispense the right proportion of each. Mix in paper cups and apply with those little disposable foam pad brushes.

    I found the pumps took the stress out of measuring, wondering how much you need, how long before it goes off, etc. You can just pump, mix, apply, and then just mix another batch dead easily if you need more.

    Tim Jeanneret

    Why epoxy the benches though, rather than just varnish? (Genuine question!)

    I get it for ply decks, below the waterline etc. But for thwart, benches, outside of CB case, knees etc is there much benefit from an epoxy cost first?

    Thanks, Tim


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