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    The Dutch Wayfarer Association will exist ten years in 2011. This will be celebrated by an International rally as published elsewhere and a week long regatta. From the 6th to the 11th of August 2011 the Wayfarer class shall participate in Europe’s biggest inshore sailing event, called the Week of Sneek. Some 1200 dinghies from a variety of classes, will be participating in races around the islands in lake “Sneekermeer” and the two lakes called “Goingarijpsterpoelen”. We shall starts near an island called the “starteiland” (start island) with a purpose build starting tower on it. The island is also known for its parties late at night amongst campers that stay on the island. For supporters there is a foot ferry link to the island and grandstands are available. The wayfarer participation will bring the wayfarer to the dinghy museum. Every class that has ever participated in the week of Sneek has a model in the Museum. Isn’t that a nice birthday present for the association?

    NEDWA has rented a farmhouse with dormitories, a professional kitchen facility for breakfast and lunch and last but not least a large open space with a bar. Though possible, we will not be serving diners at the farmhouse because it is much more fun to go out to town and grab some meat rolls and chips with mayonnaise 😛 . But for those that want to, the kitchen facilities are available. The farmhouse has a large lawn that allows for tents and camper-vans to join us. It also has a private harbour and slipway and is located about a mile and a half from the start. If the wind is down we will have a few Zodiacs available for towing. Sneek itself, or rather its pubs, are nation wide known as “the place to be” this time of the year. Perhaps you have seen the event reports on the Sailing Channel?

    Because of the amount of work we have to put in, NEDWA will not have separate Nationals this year. The usual National trophies will be awarded to the winners of Sneek-week but because we are not sailing an official course (trapezium, triangle) there will be no ribbon nor medals from the Royal Dutch Sailing Association awarded. Its a small price to pay for so much fun…

    Participation details and a subscription form are found on the NEDWA and UKWA web sites or contact Hans de Buijne: debruijne[dot]hans[at]gmail[dot]com
    Please note that the regatta information has been enclosed in the International Rally invitation and is stored under the rally menu.

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