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    One trick I learned this summer… apologies if everyone knows about it already… I’ve seen it done with asymmetric but I suppose it would work with traditional spin too.

    As we hate to store the spinnaker wet, after sailing, when the boat is moored with the bow pointing into the wind, or in a calm spot, it’s HEAD is to be attached to the SHEET and pulled all the way to the block that is near the helm’s position (at least in the asymmetric setup). The sheet is cleated of course then. The spin halyard is to be attached to the spin tack and quickly hoisted.
    The sail is thus hoisted upside down and it flies like a giant flag in the air. But since the clew is completely free it doesn’t produce any significant force. It’s left like this for a couple of minutes, the flogging by the wind helps shed water and bits of salt.
    The thing is lowered then, and all you need is to be careful it comes down into the cockpit rather then into the water…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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