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    Hello all

    I took the centreboard out of my boat today. The boat (W1987) is from the late 60s or early 70s but I think that the centreboard is newer than that. It’s still in a state though, and I don’t know when it was last maintained. The tip is battered (at least partly our fault after it struck the bottom), down to the wood in places and with some chunks missing. There is a large scratch into the wood presumably where the board has rubbed against a stone inside the CB case or similar, and the wood around the pivot bolt hole looks a little rotten.

    I’ve attached some photos below and would be grateful for any advice as to whether it’s still useable or whether we need a new one.. I really don;t want to spend £400 on a new board and had planned to sand and varnish this one, but on looking at it am no longer sure this will suffice – I might need to at least epoxy the tip. but the last thing we want is for the board to snap after a capsize when we’re stood on it! We’re new to the boat maintenance thing so any advice on how you know if the integrity of a CB is compromised would also be appreciated!



    This month’s ‘Practical Boat Owner’ magazine (cover headline 5 budget liferafts) has an article on repairing a battered mahogany rudder which may give you some useful ideas if you choose to go for the ‘repair’ option.


    I have fixed worse.
    Start by letting it dry for a couple of weeks in the boiler room then cut away all soft parts and sand it smooth. Next sheet it with epoxy and a glass weave on both sides. Over size the weave and cut it to shape after the epoxy has set. Use the hardened weave as a skeleton to build up the tip with a glass bubbles epoxy mix. Finally sand it to shape and cover it with two pot paint. It will be better then it ever was.


    More pictures:


    Thanks both for the helpful replies, I’ll have a go at fixing it…..

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