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    We are having a mini race series as part of a regatta next week. Six Wayfarers are expected to take part. Only two of them have spinnakers.
    Is there a standard handicap adjustment that is applied in this sort of situation?
    Or is the only fair way to run two classes concurrently?


    I was curious about that too as I don’t have a spinnaker either. According to the RYA website (Portsmouth Numbers Objectives of the Scheme), a MAXIMUM of +4% (per cent) on a trial basis can be used if a cruising boat does not have a spinnaker which is part of the normal sail wardrobe. Hope that is of some help. Regards, Dave Doran.


    I’ve seen a few sailing clubs use + 3% for traditional three sailed boats using just two sails (Ok for Wayfarer but no good for 49er etc). So two sailed Wayfarer sails off 1134, or 1101 if all three sails used.


    Thanks for the replies. Do you declare the spinnaker before the start of the race, or at the start of the series?

    By the way, in our regatta the two spinnaker-rigged boats elected not to fly theirs so as make it a level field, which was very good of them I thought.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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