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    In July myself, Mrs Algol and the teenager will be spending a few days camping at Roadford Lakes in Devon. The main idea is to get lots of lake sailing in and get them comfortable with the W.

    After a few days it might be nice to move on and I wondered if anyone can recommend any good day cruising grounds in Devon that might have campsites handy?

    (If I had my way I’d go to the Worlds at Weymouth straight from Devon but I’m not sure my crew will be up for it by then 🙂 )

    Dave Bevan

    Hi Algol,
    Watching this thread with interest – we’re planning to take our W to Plymouth, but not until late August/early September.
    We’ll be day-sailing, probably from Mountbatten so keen to know which beaches to head for!


    Hi Dave, the Mountbatten Centre looks v well appointed!

    I did a bit of research on and the nicest looking spots for a launch I found were Dittisham Sailing Club on the Dart and East Portlemouth opposite Salcombe. Possibly also at Exmouth too, or Starcross SC over the river if they allow visitors



    Hi Dave, Algol

    if you are interested in launching / sailing from Starcross YC then I can certainly try help you and/or provide info as I’m a Wayfarer “potterer” who happens to be the current SYC rear comm. While we don’t always manage to supply the best weather for visitors, we’ve tried to provide a friendly welcome for other Wayfarer sailors in the past.

    May be best to either PM me or email me at aidantemp-syc1 at if interested. You can get a flavour of SYC at

    Aidan Whiteley


    We’re just back from a week on the Dart and cant recommend it highly enough (as I think I’ve said on the forum before, I grew up and learnt to sail in Torbay / The Dart so it is really a case of going back home for me). Plenty of launching options – Totnes, Stoke Gabriel, Galmpton, Dittisham, Dartmouth (higher ferry slip), Kingswear public slip – most of which have some degree of tidal restrictions. We chose Galmpton and then headed down river to Noss Marina where we left the boat for the week. Lots to explore on the river as far up as Totnes, plus out to sea – Start Bay to the south and Berry Head /Torbay to the north.

    I would also recommend Salcombe either up the estuary as far as Kingsbridge or out to sea.

    Plymouth Sound would also be an excellent choice. I’ve done a lot of big boat sailing out of Plymouth Yacht Haven (not yet sailed the wayfarer there, but will do at some point) and the facilities at Mountbatten do look good – you have to walk right past them to get from PYH to the pub!

    This thread may be of help if you’ve not seen it already –



    Dave Bevan

    Thanks Aiden/Jonathan
    Starcross looks good, and there seems to be lots of accomodation available at the time we’re planning to go. Plymouth still appeals, but there doesn’t seem much accomodation available. Camping probably isn’t an option for us this year.

    We have simple needs – A berth where our boat can be left mast-up, with the ability to launch/recover at most states of the tide and safe waters for family sailing, allowing short passages to sheltered sandy beaches!


    Don’t leave the Plymouth area too soon! Launching from Weir Quay we enable you to explore either upstream – to cotehele or head downstream and check out the navy at Devonport, the Lynher river or Plymouth Sound. Bear in mind that the Tamar around Weir Quay is shallow a long way out from the shore.



    Dave Bevan

    Plymouth is looking good – we’ve booked a cottage at Newton Ferrers and Mountbatten can fit us in for the week – just need to find someone to look after our ageing Spaniel for the week 🙄

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