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    Dave Bevan

    Planning a week of family day-sailing out of Lymington (LTSC) towards the end of August. Possible destinations depending on weather/tides seem to be:-

      Newtown harbour
      Keyhaven/Hurst Castle

    Any advice, or other recommendations will be much appreciated.


    Newtown River IOW
    Wotton Creek IOW
    Ashlett Creek Southampton Water

    Ashlett Creek Southampton Water
    ………visit 2 hours either side of high water.

    The posts mark the deeper water channel but the Wayfarer can cuts across the corners and other areas with the centre board up a bit if necessary.
    Keep out of the way of the IOW ferries in Southampton Water……they don’t take prisoners! (exaggerating a bit, not that bad, its the tankers that sneak up on you).


    Yarmouth – radio/ring for short stay/water taxi. Never done it as a local. We anchor off shingle beach just to west of harbour – bit of a walk around to the village. Avoid highwire cable immediately to east of pier in front of castle.

    Newtown – fabulous destination, will be v. busy in Aug. visit hw to allow pottering round upper reaches away from yachts. You will hear of pub 400 yds up from pier. It’s further. If you insist on it – beach among row of beached dinghies past pier on right. Walk inland up lane. HW only and don’t be late back.Better IMHO to just nip inside the shingle at the entrance and picnic.

    Ashlett, pretty (at the very top) creek with Jolly Sailor pub sandwiched between power station and refinery. The thing about this is the amazement at reaching what could be a fishing hamlet with the encroaching industry invisible. Difficult to do in a day because of drying nature and distance, about 18nm return I guess.

    Beaulieu- Lovely. always a short tacking challenge at some point, or row/motor.Go at least up to Bucklers Hard. At HW you can moor alongside right at the top in Beaulieu Village. I have seen a 28 footer(bilge keel) moored by a steep slip there, or tie up against the wooden palings aroung the head of the tidal river. See tide Mill and the prettiest (and pretty busy) village in the New Forest.

    Lepe – site of a bit of D-day history. Country park. Cafe. eelgrass habitat for seahorses – You won’t see one but it’s nice to know. This is immediately E of Beaulieu entrance if you don’t fancy that short tacking/motoring. Looks like a shelving shingle beach but levels quickly to shallow mud/sand. good for anchoring/beaching in front of cafe, no ell grass just there.

    Cowes – A goodly run there and back in a day if you wan’t to visit the famous Filly pub up the Medina. Maybe 22nm at a guess.

    Gurnard Bay. West of Cowes – You can pop up to Cowes and have a peek then anchor in one of three mini bays around gurnard. Landing possible.

    Hurst Spit/ Keyhaven. Well worth a potter – easiest anchoring/beaching is inside the spit. For Keyhaven itself try doing the circuit using the main channel one way and the short cut, Hawkers lake, the other. At seriously high water you can row through tiny creeklets from Keyhaven through to the shingle bank. Take an aerial photo for guidance! To get the best out of this you have to beat the tide (Go down against the flood) from LTSC but keeping inshore and a reasonable wind direction makes this short journey fairly easy.If you want to stop at Keyhaven there is a very small single beach and I have beached or subject to wind direction, tied up to rocks on shore. Or there is a small pontoon but I would stay fairly close to the boat if using that.

    Colwell Bay/Totland Bay – on the island through Hurst Narrows. I prefer Totland. Best near low water when there will be sand. Avoid inshore rocks near the island forts. Stay wide heading towards the Warden Ledge Green Can then aim into the bay well to the west of the pier. Aim for a building on the sea wall – the old lifeboat station. a few rocks can easily be seen aginst the sandy bottom as you approach, plus a potentially damaging submerged tree marked with a round orange buoy.

    Hurst Narrows is fun in a wind over tide situation. There are patches maybe 200 yds across where confused sea pops up in front of you in unpredictable peaks but a W will take these in it’s stride although the rolling is entertaining. Most of the time it’s no problem. We went through dead flat yesterday for out inter-club sandcastle competition.

    Alum Bay – immediately before the Needles. Colourful cliffs – don’t go up the cable car, there is an unspeakable “attraction”at the top. I advise anchoring off and swimming/floating ashore. Shelving shingle and it looks innocent but if you go close a late breaking little wave can push the boat on. The point of this place is to potter out to the Needles for a close look and picnic in here in view of them. Totland/Colwell are alternatives.

    Also at least once approach/leave Lymington through the pretty Oxey lakes and Pylewell Lakes channels on the West and East of the main channel respectively. Half tide and above – dry at LW.

    The key to progress is tide. If with, get over to the main channel (Island side). If against, creep along the mainland shore.

    If the weather is rubbish or you want a break a well kept secret is the sea wall walk down to Keyhaven with inland returns possible involving nature reserves.

    MIne’s a pint of Ringwood in the Solent Room in the event our paths cross. I’m laid up not sailing in an arm sling so easily recognised.
    David LTSC

    Dave Bevan

    Thanks Norman and David.

    Some good info thanks. I think Ashlett and Cowes will be a bit of a stretch for us, but seems to be plenty to choose from, depending on wind/tide. Newtown was on our must-do list, but have previously visited the New Inn, so I’ll be content with the beach. Also keen to get to Yarmouth and up the Beaulieu.

    I’ll look out for you David. Sorry to hear you’re laid-up, but look forward to enjoying a left-handed pint with you!



    Dave Bevan

    A great week in Lymington despite some mixed weather and a roudy campsite. A warm welcome at LTSC, and some great daysails. Didn’t manage to get to Beaulieu, but did get to Yarmouth, Newtown, Hurst (twice) and……..[attachment=0:3ccocznb]needles2.jpg[/attachment:3ccocznb]



    That sounds great – well done, you are an inspiration to all us would be seafarers!


    Dave Bevan

    @westwoop wrote:

    That sounds great – well done, you are an inspiration to all us would be seafarers!

    Thanks Peter. Like you we started on wooden boats inland (in our case, on the broads), and took very cautious and measured steps into sea and tidal sailing (in a dinghy, anyway). First the Alde (only as far as Havergate Island), then Chichester, Poole and Falmouth Harbours; so it’s only now we’ve ventured into more open waters, and we’ve been fortunate each time with good calm sailing conditions, even if the weather has been typically British!


    Thanks for the update and photo. That does look calm for the Needles…………..86 mph gusts today, not that I was out in it!

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