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    Les Burns

    Hi All,

    I’m looking for ideas for storage in a mk2.

    The main points I get. Things like putting lightweight, fabric items (clothing, bedding, etc) on the shelf under the foredeck.
    I’m not planning to put much in the aft tank as an outboard on a bracket is already messing with my trim. Probably only stove and stove fuel going in there.

    I see that many people use Daren Drums for food and heavier “hard items” that may puncture dry bags. I’d do the same but anything larger than a 20l drum is 484mm high. That wouldn’t fit under the fwd benches where they intersect with the bulkhead and although they could sit next to the mast, at that height they would block the shelf.

    Does anyone have any better ideas for storage on a mk2?

    Also, how do you lash all this stuff down? With it being a grp boat, I can’t just screw lacing eyes in here and there. Losing stuff out from under the foredeck in the event of a capsize bothers me although it may be the least of my problems if that were to happen!

    P.S. Morally opposed to Facebook and deleted my account. It’s a blight! The W group is the only good thing on there. Hopefully there still enough folk here to help.



    Check out Solent Plastics. They have a huge range of waterproof containers.


    Les Burns

    Thanks John. I was looking at Solent Plastics.

    I’m thinking bungee cords with tyga ties or quick clips running through the floorboards to secure tubs or bags.


    You can’t have too many Tyga ties!

    Jonathan Ferguson

    Hi Les!

    Consider using your aft tank for bulky but fairly light items which don’t come out during sailing – bedding being a good candidate. On a MkII which I cruised in this summer, we used long Ortlieb 40L drybags which went on the shelf under the foredeck, with labelled strings to help retrieve them. Generally the bulkiness of the drybags would stop them escaping during a capsize, but you could always tie these strings down as well. It’s a pity they didn’t stop the front benches on a MkII where the foredeck starts, as even I can’t sit on the bit of bench under the deck, and as you say it would be a great place to store full height containers! You can use the area under the benches for things like fuel cans, water containers etc – attaching them to the benches with tyga ties would be my preferred method of strapping them in.

    Les Burns

    Hi Jonathan, thanks for the tips.

    Threading and labelling the bags under the foredeck sounds like a good plan.

    I dislike the benches. Mine were originally fixed to the fwd tank with original equipment furniture blocks! I’ve replaced those with stainless angle, through bolted and sealed with sika. The winter might see them modified to mk1 spec with the addition of a knee bonded to the hull.

    I’m thinking of adding tyga ties to the floorboards in the area next to the mast to hold down water, fuel, etc. John is clearly right about never having enough of the things.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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