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    Hi, I am at the early stages of planning a trip to the Scillies from Penzance, having “trailered” from Hillhead on the Solent. Is there anyone in the Penzance area who could give some advice/assistance on local clubs which may be willing to provide a base? Regards, Joe.


    I was wondering whether you did indeed sail to the Scillies as I have considered the same and am keen for any tips!


    Hi George, regrettably not yet for a host of reasons but I still harbour hopes. My current plan is to give my intended crew more experience of Wayfarer cruising this summer in the Solent, explore the Penzance area next year and sail to the Scillies the following year. I will publish the results if it happens! Regards, Joe.

    Dave Bevan

    Any update on sailing to the Scillys? Has it been done in a W?

    I think Joe took his Wayfarer to Scilly via the ferry – anyone got a link to his log, or which W news it was published in?

    Dave Barker

    It’s certainly been done in a Wayfarer, and in fact there’s at least one log in the UKWA Log Library describing the crossing. If it’s not already available online it probably soon will be.

    Update – linked here.


    Hi, Id like to go there next year – 2017 if anyone would like to join me.
    I’m also based in the solent area and looking to do some cruising in 2017 to the Dorset coast and towards sussex.
    anyone fancy joining me ?
    paul w7115

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