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    Hi All,
    I have just renewed my Wayfarer Insurance for 2010 with Craftinsure, the company appointed by the UKWA Committee to administer the UKWA Insurance Scheme.

    I should like to draw the attention of Cruising Wayfarers to the following: –

    The standard policy issued by Craftinsure is a Racing Dinghy Policy. There is a general exclusion on this policy which states that payment will not be made for …. “Loss or damage occuring whilst left afloat when not in use”.

    Whilst cruising, Wayfarers are often moored to a pontoon or anchored, during a lunchtime break or overnight. The above exclusion would mean that the dinghy would NOT be covered in such a situation. (Would 3rd Party cover also be void?)

    Craftinsure require the payment of an additional £10 for an extension to the policy. The wording is as follows: –
    ” …. Policy is extended …. to allow your Wayfarer to be securely moored whilst left unattended afloat from time to time as required whilst cruising”.

    The term “securely moored” is open to interpretation however. I understand that strictly a vessel lying to one anchor is NOT “moored”, but that a vessel lying to some two-anchor configurations can be “moored”.

    Any comments welcome, particularly from the UKWA Committee.

    Best Regards

    Rob Webber (W9801)


    Thanks for the post – can anyone comment as to how other insurers handle this issue?


    Ned Swift


    Checked my policy with Noble Marine and they do cover the dinghy
    even when unattended either afloat or ashore.

    I think this is quite important as otherwise it is either an inconvenience
    or a worry.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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