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    Andrew Morrice

    Dear ‘farers

    I thought it would be helpful to give people the heads up on Craftinsure’s current underwriting situation.  I have two boats and have made three claims in total in 3 years, all for very dispate reasons and one simply due to the effect of the failure of mast fitting.  Only a month after agreeing a part-settlement for the latter, I was informed by automated email that Craftinsure will no longer insure me.

    At no stage was a warned of this as I discussed whether or not to bother with the third claim, and it is certainly not obvious on their website.  It seems to emanate from their underwriters not from them and it seems to be that the number of claims rule is (somewhat counterintuitively) applied no matter how many boats you have insured (I suppose they feel you can only sail one at a time … though clearly you could insure two boats and have one of them sailed by family members).

    I feel this is important to “put out there” because they don’t make you aware of this as you go on, starting from a clean slate.  Of course I had expected my premiums would go up, but didn’t imagine they would just say NO.  I did suggest this information should be more obviously stated on the website and flagged up when you initiate a claim.

    As things stand, three claims in three years and you won’t be able to renew.  Another company were quite happy to take me on for about £20 more than Craftinsure, so no worries, but I’d much rather have had warning …

    Boris  W6330

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