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    I’ve got a 1.5 inch crack in my aft locker next to an aft corner of the lid. Not sure yet whether it has been repaired before but it is where you would kneel (one knee) to start the outboard. Obviously I know the importance of the locker for bouyancy but I’m sure I’m not the first to want to fibreglass it myself. Any advice on the repair would be appreciated. Cheers. Dave W5499
    PS I’m here for a bit of empathy ‘cos to me this seems like a structural weak point in an otherwise rugged design, maybe outboards were an afterthought………anyone know when they became popular to put on pottering/cruising Wayfarers?


    I’m presuming it’s a GRP boat…

    If the crack is just that – a crack – ie the thing hasn’t distorted at all, then I’d just go along with a small grinder (eg Dremel) and enlarge the crack into a V shaped groove.

    Then get some SP epoxy resin and mix it with 50/50 micro-fibres and micro-balloons to make a strong filler which you can use to fillet it back up flush. Finally, working inside the tank, use neat resin to stick one or more strips of glass fibre matting along the repair.

    I think you can buy a general purpose repair kit from SP that has all of the above stuff in, for about ?15-?20.

    If the tank has distorted downwards, then I’d cut a wooden prop to go inside, just too large to reach the bottom of the tank then you can wedge it in place to push the top back into shape. Then repair as above.

    In general terms I guess the corner of the hatch opening is an inherent weak spot, but nevertheless I suspect it has probably had an impact there at some point in the past that has weakened it.

    As regards the integrity of the buoyancy tank, a repair as above should be plenty strong enough – the usual weak point is the hatch cover or their seals.

    As an aside, I’m just in the process of adding a load of removable buoyancy to the tanks of mine. I’ve noticed that our local “Morrisons” supermarket is doing an offer of 2 x 5 litre containers of mineral water for just over ?1, so I intend to get a trolley full of those next week to use (less the water) as cheap “cubitainers”. I can’t think of anywhere else where you can get 5 litres of buoyancy for less than a quid!


    Don’t forget to test the buoyancy when you’ve repaired the tank!



    Just thought I would upload some flattering? piks of the repair….thanks for the advice John and Richard ….. Decided that with not enough faith in my fibreglassing that it would be a good idea to leave a supportive prop in place as back up……I am not going to stop needing to use the outboard and therefore kneeling on that corner of the aft locker. I have used a spreader plate on the floor of the locker and at the top of the prop I left a fraction of a gap and the filled the space with loads of “no nails” type adhesive as a mini cusion. I have painted over the messy fibreglass instead of gel coat as I don’t have the right colour or the skill to put it on……….hopefully it is a functional repair ……..looking forward to the bouyancy test…..(???).
    Interested if anyone has ever gone for the same solution……..obviously the leg will influence how the aft locker is used ……hopefully not too inconvenient.
    Note. Its only taken me 7.5 months to complete this job and it still looks horrible! Upside down fibreglassing ain’t so easy.

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