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    Hi all,

    We’re going to put our Mk1 onto a mooring this May – September.  The mooring is on the Clyde (Loch Long) and can be fairly choppy – mainly due to the wash from tugs and other large vessels, and occasionally in a blow.  But surprisingly, there wasn’t much water in the boat after two weeks last year.  The plan is to put an over-boom cover on the boat while on the mooring in order to limit the amount of water that can get in, rigged from in the boat like with a boat tent.  Can anyone recommend a particular type?  Alternative suggestions welcome too.







    I have not come across a specialised cover as you describe but I guess with a bridle round the boat you could make a cover to suit.  Boat tents quite often use 50mm velcro to fasten them to the bridle which would be easy to fasten from an alongside dinghy.

    I used to leave my boat on a drying mud mooring all summer and got used to bailing it out each week before going for a sail but a cover makes much more sense.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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