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    Hi all,

    We’re going to put our Mk1 onto a mooring this May – September.  The mooring is on the Clyde (Loch Long) and can be fairly choppy – mainly due to the wash from tugs and other large vessels, and occasionally in a blow.  But surprisingly, there wasn’t much water in the boat after two weeks last year.  The plan is to put an over-boom cover on the boat while on the mooring in order to limit the amount of water that can get in, rigged from in the boat like with a boat tent.  Can anyone recommend a particular type?  Alternative suggestions welcome too.






    I have not come across a specialised cover as you describe but I guess with a bridle round the boat you could make a cover to suit.  Boat tents quite often use 50mm velcro to fasten them to the bridle which would be easy to fasten from an alongside dinghy.

    I used to leave my boat on a drying mud mooring all summer and got used to bailing it out each week before going for a sail but a cover makes much more sense.

    Penelope Smail

    I have exactly the same problem. My Wayfarer sits on a drying out mud mooring.    For years I’ve had to bail out the boat every week which I don’t want to do any more.  I have been advised to get an overboom cover made with lightweight material (Hydralight was suggested) and shock-cord ties which will fasten to hooks underneath the edge of the deck.  The foredeck would be uncovered and the cover would fasten to a cleat in front of the mast.  However I’m having great difficulty in getting it made and have been let down very badly by one manufacturer. I’m now trying Trident.

    if you come up with any solutions please let me know and if I manage to get one made I’ll let you know.

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