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    Michael McKechnie, Quentin and I are working hard behind the scenes on the technical details for the 2010 World Champs (liaison with WIC, NoR, International Jury etc). Liz Motherwell is looking into possibilities for loan boat scheme for overseas visitors and Roy Burnham is putting sponsorship packages together (although we have already secured very generous sponsorship from Hartley Laminates).

    We are due to report back to the next ExComm meeting at Hartley Laminates on the 17th October. This is your opportunity to give us some feedback on what you would like to see on and off the water. Please post your comments here.

    I have been tasked with looking at accommodation and I have made an executive decision to book the whole of Broscawen House which offers hostel type accommodation on site. I plan to stay there. Check out the facilities here and let me know what you think.

    Our camper van community will be happy – you can stay on site!

    Unfortunately there is no camping allowed on site. The nearest campsite is Pebble Bank. See We camped there for the Western Area Champs back in June and they have a nice field with views over Portland. If enough people book early enough we can take over the whole field.

    The RYA use Portland Lodge for budget accommodation for Race Officials.

    Steve Collins
    Red Fox 10508


    In oder to tune up your boat and get fit for the World Champs you ought to compete in the:

    Southern Champs at Shoreham on 15/16 May
    Eastern Champs at Medway YC on 12/13 June
    Western Champs at Parkstone YC on 26/27 June.

    Note that you do not need to ‘qualify’ for the World Champs – entry is open to competitors at all levels of ability.

    We are also planning an Race Training Weekend for at inland venue before the World Champs with rules clinics, on-water coaching from top helms and fun races. Date to be confirmed.

    Colin Parkstone

    Thank God for this post Steve,had a horrid moment I had missed the Worlds and not picked up my prizes, Yer Right!!

    Love the sound of the rules weekend,I have always sailed faster so as not to get too involved with that kind of thing up till now!

    Anyway,what rules do I shout at Condor then when I am on Starboard???

    C P 😉


    @Colin Parkstone wrote:

    Anyway,what rules do I shout at Condor then when I am on Starboard???

    The collision regs (rule 9(d)) imply that Condor is entitled to shout at you with five blasts of its hooter 😉



    Steve said
    Southern Champs at Shoreham on 15/16 May
    Eastern Champs at Medway YC on 12/13 June
    Western Champs at Parkstone YC on 26/27 June.

    Also don’t forget the opening UKWA Open Meeting at Blackwater SC on 1st / 2nd May 2010. This is in the events calendar. Couldn’t have two “Easterns” championships next year but as we probably won’t have an “Inlands” champs (replaced by a training w/e at an Inland venue) we will have this as a full blown UKWA Meeting and it will be the first event of the Nat. Circuit series next year.

    Dave Bevan

    I like the sound of a training weekend. This sort of event should help to get more boats and crews participating in open events, and ultimately the Worlds.


    We had a very good Excomm meeting at Hartley Laminates office in Derby on the 17 October.

    I am pleased to report that we have secured very generous sponsorship for the Worlds from Richard and Mark which we will be using to subsidise the cost of entering the event. Our aim is to maximise the numbers attending the event and make it as welcoming as possible for all levels of sailor.

    We have a special early bird discount for entries received before Monday 8th March (after the dinghy show). We will also have discounts for bronze fleet entries (competitors who have never competed in an area, national or international championship event – we will be looking out for ‘ringers’) and a special ‘enter three boats, one boat goes free’ deal for group entries from clubs.

    Michael, Quentin and I are finalising details of the NoR. I hope to publish this on the web next weekend.



    The NoR and entry forms for the 2010 Worlds will be available at Bough Beech SC next weekend and on the web from Monday 9th November.



    I hope that you have checked out Bob Harland’s excellent new website for the Wayfarer Worlds.

    And I hope that everyone (even Colin) is happy with the massively subsidised (thanks to Richard and Mark) early bird entry fee of £98! Excomm decided that we should make a real effort to encourage novice sailors and cruisers to join in the and so decided to introduce a special bronze fleet entry of £50. This replaces the enter three boats, one boat goes free scheme which we were toying with and I mentioned on a previous post. No complaints, please – if you can persuade three novices to come from your club, it is even better value for them!

    There will be rules seminars, buddy systems, tuning clinics at Weymouth to help novices improve their skills events and official measurers will be present to help people get their boats legal.

    I am finalising details of the race training weekend – provisional date is the 5-6 June,

    What do y’all think?



    What is the favorite Wayfarer campsite near Weymouth?

    BTW, here is the link:


    Hi Ton

    I’ll be visiting WPNSA in the next two weeks to investigate the area and particularly the accommodation in its various forms -I’ll report my findings when I return .


    Colin Parkstone


    I would have gone to the Worlds what ever the price and at Weymouth too, what more do we want.

    Any points I have put to you all have been to clear up any anomalies and I hope they have been of help Steve.

    You and Mike are doing a great job with our racing and i thank you for all your work !!!

    As for the price, Great!!!

    See You At The Worlds

    C P 😀


    Hi Steve

    Has any decision been reached about possible time for the nationals ? Short write up in yachts and yachting is saying the first weekend of the Worlds.



    @mudskipper wrote:

    Hi Steve

    Has any decision been reached about possible time for the nationals ? Short write up in yachts and yachting is saying the first weekend of the Worlds.


    Hi Tracey
    We did discuss the option of holding the UK Nationals on the first weekend of the Worlds, but in the end we decided to incorporate the nationals within the Worlds (see NoR). The 2010 UK National Champion will be the first UKWA member in the Worlds. If a UKWA member wins the Worlds, he or she will also be the UKWA National Champion.



    Hi Ton and other prospective campers .

    Went to Weymouth today to research campsites .

    There are two within 5 miles of the champs venue and the better one for us is the nearer one – only 3.1 miles ( 5KM )

    It is Pebble Bank caravan park and one can rent caravans , take your own motorhome or pitch a tent with electric hook-up . The camp site has its own bar and I have already chosen my stool ! Restaurants are a short car-ride away . I told them there might be 30 of us and was told that would be no problem but they are already fully booked for the following week .

    Their website is and I will be booking a two-bed caravan ( with a fridge to keep the white wine chilled ! ) . When you book I suggest you mention that you wish to be as close as possible to the other Wayfarers ( unless of course you don’t !!! )

    The other campsite is a caravan city with some tent pitches -its vast with pool , bar and restaurant – it has 5 stars .Should you be interested the web-site is

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