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    I have to buy a new Wayfarer combi-trailer as I shall be doing the occasional Open meeting on the circuit this year plus the Worlds. Any recommendations about make/model. Easy unloading of boat+trolley from road trailer is important for me. PS Anyone got one for sale? W9177 Mike Spathaky, Oadby, Leics.

    Colin Parkstone

    Mike, i still think the best combi for the Wayfarer is the Rapide.

    The Super C was good but was I think bettered by the next one. It was a bit shorter, had fixed cradle but just as strong and as well made as the Super C.

    Nice round bars on the trolley and a good height.

    I am also looking at a new combi and will be having a word with the company soon.

    Also the Vandercraft looks good but have yet to go and see one.

    C P


    Many thanks for that CP. I am trying to locate the company on the web. Mersea Trailers of Colchester claim that Rapide Trailers are now part of the Mersea Trailers and Snipe Trailers group. But I can find no mention of a Wayfarer trailer or the Super C that you mentioned. Are you buying from them or a dealer?


    As from the 26th June 2009 West Mersea Trailers and Rapide Trailers are now part of the Mersea Trailers and Snipe Trailers group.
    Mersea Trailers Web site.

    At the site, in the Product search / Keyword box, type in ‘Wayfarer’ and it will show the road and launch trailer for the Wayfarer.


    Thanks for that, Norman. In fact the keyword Wayfarer only gives two results, a launch trolley and a heavy duty launch trolley. I gather from looking at those in detail that the 275 Road Base is the correct road trailer that goes with these, but there are no useful details given. Also they are expensive. There’s no mention of the Super C. Meanwhile as time was running out I asked the advice of a leading Wayfarer sailor and have ordered a combi-trailer from Sovereign of Welsh Harp. I’ll report here on the trailer when I’ve used it a few times. Thanks for all contributions to my enquiry.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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