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    Hi Wayfarers

    We are kitting out a Mk2 and everything Aluminium looks a bit rough. The mast has lots of horizontal black marks and the fairleighs and other bits are very spotted. Has anyone got a tip for cleaning aluminium. Soap and water is ofter recommended but don’t think that will shift these blemishes. What abrasive can I use – some warn against this



    Don’t use anything abrasive. The aluminium is anodised to give it a hard wearing surface. If you brush through that ultra thin layer your mast may look nice at first but it will pretty soon look worse then before. The best way to clean and maintain aluminium is with cleaning ethanol. (The cheap kind, not the kind you drink, that would be a waste). Other than that leave it and accept the marks as the marks of an experienced boat/sailor.

    On the other hand, metal, and aluminium is a metal, can be painted. Maybe you should look at a metal paint system? I have no experience to share in that field.


    Thanks for that good advice but I didn’t read your post before using an abrasive so I can let you know if it does indeed look worse quite soon!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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