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    Dave Griff

    Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the forum, but have been sailing my Wayfarer from Largs for about five years.

    This Easter I’m planning to head up to Mull to camp at Fidden near the Fhionnport ferry to Iona. I am interested in a day sail around Iona and was wondering if anyone has any tips. I understand from the sailing directions that the sound between Mull and Iona shallows quite significantly, but as the sailing instructions are for yachts, I’m not sure what impact this might have for a Wayfarer. I’m also concious that the west side of Iona might be prone to some swell in the event of south westerlies. Any advice, tips, or experience would be gratefully received.

    I’m also planning a long weekend in Ullapool and was hoping for a day sail out to the Summer Isles. I’ve done less research on this one and would again, be grateful for any tips, including a good place to launch.

    Many thanks



    Sorry can’t help all that much, but as no-one else has replied, I’ll chip in and say the Summer Isles is also on my ‘to do’ list- I’m across the water in Lewis and hope to do a Minch crossing at some point, although I’ve been saying that for about three years now! Let me know when you’re planning on coming up, it might be the incentive I need to actually get around to it.
    I think you might get launched at Achiltibuie, that would put you closer to the Summer Isles than Ullapool itself.

    Bob Harland

    We have sailed through the Sound of Iona – in a southerly direction, from Gometra via Staffa. Though quite a few years ago now.
    There is plenty of water for a Wayfarer through the sound.
    On the open sea do watch out for rocks – if there is a sea running it is easy to miss these, breaking water usually gives them away.
    Check the log library for the Summer Isles – I think there are a couple that may be worth reading.
    Hope that helps.



    this is the first summer I’ve not been to Iona for 20+ years. I’ve always been a landlubber when there, except for motorboat trips around the island and occasionally in a lovely sailing boat called Freya owned by a really nice guy called Mark Jardine.

    I can however tell you two things – the tides through the Sound can be very fierce, and there are a lot of outlying rocks particularly to the west and south of the island. There are LOVELY beaches all around the western tip of the Ross of Mull. One of my ambitions, as a completely new Wayfarer owner, is to be able to sail in this area one day. I hope it goes well

    “Boris” (Andrew Morrice)

    Dave Griff

    Thanks for the responses, in the end the weather felt too unsettled for the circumnavigation but had a couple of fantatstic days sailing close to Fidden.

    I am still hoping to get a trip out to the Summer Isles next year though.



    We went up to Mull at end of July 2011, inspired by an article in Wayfarer News and having read a number of the cruising logs. Did a number of great day sails – were able to use the harbour at Craignure (for free!) by virtue of staying at a campsite there and promising the fishermen we would keep out of their way.

    Did two trips up the sound of Mull and across to Loch Aline, and one trip from Craignure round to Loch Spelve where we eventually recovered Windshift at the mussel farm slipway.

    Have put a few photo’s on flickr :

    if anyone is interested.

    Angus C

    Dave Barker

    Hi Angus,

    I’m getting a couple of March 2010 pictures from the Severn via your link. Am I missing something obvious?


    Dave I’m sorry,

    please try again – wrong privacy settings on the newly uploaded photos.


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