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    Stephen Sampford

    I noticed damage to the centreboard, on the rearward edge underneath the boat. Probably caused by the faulty keel roller on the launching trolley which made recovery a bit of a nightmare.

    Eye-wateringly expensive new I wondered if it is realistic to await a used centreboard coming up secondhand. Or whether I simple need to crack on with a repair. Someone at my sailing club mention two methods of repair: 1 Filler or 2 To cut in a new section. But the prospect seems a bit daunting, having no real experience of DIY.

    I am looking towards Cruising my recently acquired Plus S, with no ambitions to race as yet. This year I am concerned with getting the boat sorted out and brushing up basic boat handling skills at the club lake with a view to maybe inland excursions next year.

    I am wondering whether I can get away with sealing the wood for the time-being, to avoid water ingress and further damage, deferring a more thorough solution over the winter.

    I have ordered a new launch trolley. The adjustment bolt was seized solid on the old one. The plan being to swap trolleys and repair the old one, to maybe sell on

    Any advice gratefully received. I may be able to post a picture next week if that helps things along.

    Bob Harland

    Hi, depending on the extent of the damage some epoxy filler would be the simplest repair. It is likely that the board will need to be removed from the boat to give proper access to the repair area. Support the repair while it sets with some thick card and line it with polythene so it does not stick to the epoxy, tape it in place (e.g. masking, insulation tape). Then apply the filler. You will have to sand the filler smooth once it has set. Then paint over.

    It depends how big the area of damage is, if it is on the lower part of the board then filler should be fine. But if it is on a load bearing area something different may be called for.

    hope tht helps

    Stephen Sampford

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, Bob. It is the bottom edge, so I think, as you suggest, is the way to go. I can begin planning the repair on this basis and hopefully get some club support removing and re-installing the centre board when I get to that point – I understand it is a bit of a thing


    Thanks again



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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