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    I’m thinking it’s about time that I looked into a drysuit, as most of my Wayfaring is out at sea and unsupported, so for safety reasons it seems the way to go.
    I’ve had good service from my 5mm O’Niell wetsuit that I got from eBay for a fiver- I expect a drysuit will cost a little more!

    I’m rather confused about what to look for. Ideally I’d like to get something off eBay again; ex-RNLI Typhoon suits seem to go for the right side of £100 so I hope that this sort of budget is reasonable.

    However I’m totally confused about what to look for- integral boots or not (and if so, what sort of boots do I have to get to go with it?); breathable or non? Front or shoulder zip??


    I bought a gul drysuit from pinnel and bax, it came with a free one piece fleece undersuit.
    I’m very pleased with it, the cuffs and colar fit well and are comfortable.

    Dave 8091

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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