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    I am just recovering from the last two windy days of another great Fed Week. Brilliant display of sailing from Ian and Jane Porter on their home water, winning every race of the week in the Wayfarer Class. (Scavenger is still for sale)

    Other notable performances were from Ted Gadd crewed by Duncan Colin-Jones and Bill Ingram crewed by Nathan Rushin.

    Full results available here

    Reduced Wayfarer entry this year of nine boats, but hope for more next year.

    My only sadness was that my boat was hit midships by an RS Elite keelboat. Gunwhale and side deck damage, but remarkably little considering the weight differential. This proves just how strong a Wayfarer is, I thinkk that other boats might have been written off.

    I hope that Poole Week gets a good turnout.

    Colin Parkstone

    Are you willing to say which side of the boat was hit John? Will it stop you from joining us in Scotland?CP


    I was hit midships port side, I was beating to windward on a starboard tack. Damage would not stop me competing, but lack of crew might. Have you sorted a crew for Scotland and Holland Colin?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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