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    Hi there,


    I am a new/inexperienced sailor, and a member of Colemere sailing club in North Shropshire.


    I have recently been elected chairperson of my company’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, which offers matched funding for charitable donations.


    My latest harebrained scheme is to undertake a circumnavigation of Angelesey, either this year or next, in a borrowed (/hired?) Wayfarer.


    I would like to ask what would be the essential training / knowledge and/or experience that a new entrant to the sport would need to undertake in order to safely complete such a trip. In addition, any equipment or costs likely to be incurred.


    Charity is TBC, any ideas for this also would be well received.



    Best Regards,



    Chris Hooper.

    Dave Barker

    Hi Chris,

    I would suggest for starters that attending the Cruising Conference at Notts County SC in March would be a good idea. Details elsewhere on the website. If you’re an Association member you’ll probably be on the emailing list, otherwise it’s best to contact Boris, the Cruising Sec, early in the New Year.

    Beyond that, try to wangle a few day sails or weekends, perhaps on some of the organised UKWA cruises during the year. It’s amazing how much you can learn simply by watching and listening to other people.

    Then there’s Tidal Training, now operating twice a year, so you can pick the venue best for you.

    I hope that’s helpful.

    Bob Harland

    Hi Chris,

    we are also members of Colemere SC and would be happy to talk to you, we do a lot of Wayfarer coastal sailing.

    There are a couple of other Wayfarers in the club, and some of the members are very experienced in sailing big boats so maybe??? something could be arranged.

    Please feel free to get in touch – contact details in the club yearbook.

    hope that helps


    Jonathan Jenkins

    I would fully echo Dave’s and Bob’s comments and would add that in my view a circumnavigation of Anglesey should be considered a pretty serious undertaking for even a relatively experienced sailor. There are a lot of tricky sections to consider -passage timing through the Swellies (at slack water which is not at HW/LW), Caernarfon bar, very strong tides along the North coast (Skerries), races off  North and South Stack etc.  I would strongly recommend building up a lot of tidal sailing experience first and perhaps doing some of the parts of the trip as trial runs before attempting the whole passage. And then of course there is the question of a suitable weather window …..  🙂 Good luck!


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