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    I just had to change my password as I couldn’t remember what it was.  All went smoothly but I noted that the only option in the email was to click on the provided link.

    I’ve been hearing a lot lately about not clicking on links in your emails due to possible weaknesses in “link”security protocols and the advice seems to be to instead to copy/manually enter the address of the website you are required to go to.

    Is it possible to provide the actual webpage address for the password change so that this can be pasted into the  address bar, rather than having to click on a “link”.

    If it’s not feasible, fair enough.  I know that the only person likely to click on a password change link is the person who requested it in the first place, but why not reduce the risks if it is possible.

    Regards, davdor

    Dave Barker

    If I have understood your question correctly then the advice usually applies only to unsolicited emails, of which you are right to be cautious.

    If however for any reason you’re uncomfortable with clicking on the link in the auto-generated email from this website you can always right-click (or equivalent on a mobile device) and then select the option to “copy link address”. If you’re happy with the appearance of the address given, this can then be pasted directly into the address bar in a new tab or page in your browser of choice.

    Alternatively, the link will be displayed (often at bottom left of screen) when you hover the cursor over it, and in principle you could physically enter (type) into the browser’s address bar the linked URL as displayed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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