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    The Wayfarer Nationals results now have their own page at



    We can see the results, but is anyone going to write a report on the event? I’m sorry to see that the numbers were low, but I hope that you all had some good sailing and weather.


    Michael McKechnie is on the case and writing a full report.

    We had a good week, the numbers were disappointing but the quality of the competition very high, with Mike McNamara and the current world champion Peter Siggety-Boje turning up. The real surprise, however, was Rob Lyne who turned up in a very pretty aquamarine Hartley 10468, straight from the factory. He works for Allen fittings and they have done a deal with the Hartleys to fit out their boats. The most interesting fitting on his boat was double fly-away spinnaker poles which worked very efficiently according to Mark McKechnie who was crewing for him.

    Rob won the first race on Wednesday by a country mile, but was OCS and that was the turning point in the week.

    We had reasonable winds all week – no postponements or cancellations. The only disappointment was the length of the races, the race officer was determined to finish the first boat after 45 minutes, which meant that if you had a bad beat, there was no time to get your places back. I don’t know why he was so fixed on short races, but that’s the way they seem to run Falmouth Week these days. The old hands in the fleet regretted the passing of the harbour courses and going to a different clubs for tea after each race, The Keel boats still have this format.

    I think that the majority of the silver and bronze sailors though that the harbour race on Thursday was the best race of the week. The gold, silver, bronze format seemed to be well received and we will keep this for the Worlds in 2010.

    Two other highlights of the week. The Red Arrows display on Wednesday – the Vice Commodore of RSC kindly agreed to let six of us (including three cruising Wayfarers) tie up alongside his yacht moored opposite the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. An a seal that turned up in the middle of the fleet and took a close interest in the racing.

    We had some nice, companiable evening meals at the Norway Inn and Castaways (fish restaurant in Mylor Harbour).


    Dave Bevan

    No racing for us, this was the closest we got!

    Plenty of deep open water & light winds and being Falmouth Week made it even more interesting for us.

    Congratulations (again!) to Mike, well done to all competitors and thanks to everyone who gave us a pull up the beach!


    PHOTOS……482 of them!

    Please see the following link for galleries by ‘PHOTOLOUNGE’.


    Quote “I think that the majority of the silver and bronze sailors though that the harbour race on Thursday was the best race of the week. The gold, silver, bronze format seemed to be well received and we will keep this for the Worlds in 2010”.

    We took our boat out of its box for the second time in 5 yrs (thats marriage for you) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Great to see Mike Mac in a wooden boat still winning but all credit to Mike’s sailing ability – we were not so good/practised and no where in the same league! While back to our old position at the back of the fleet we felt we had the boat speed at times but made a mess of everything else!! At least we could see lots that we could improve on!!

    We had a great week though and it reminded us of why we always enjoyed sailing a Wayfarer- great people and close racing. Was slightly concerned when our name was called out during the prizegiving and we thought they must have a new prize for the boat that had the most to improve – but no we won the last /lowest prize – 3rd in the bronze fleet. What a great idea to spread the prizes down the fleet and effectively give everyone something to race for!

    The whole event inspired us and we immediately returned to Parkstone to do the next Wednesday race (our 1st club race in 5 yrs.) While late in the season to start racing we immediately also entered Poole week.

    Hopefully our experiece was also enjoyed by others at the back of the fleet and they will also enter other events. While numbers need improving the Falmouth week was great and enjoyable and I am sorry so many missed a great week.

    Jane had a sail in the Hartley boat after one race and initial impressions are that its an easy balanced boat to sail but as Mike Mac (and others in earlier events have proved) its always its the twit on the helm that make the difference. John Gauldie in a older plus S and the Barkers in an old GRP Mk1 showed the Wayfarers are still a fairly matched fleet with the crew/helm being the biggest factor by far and not the Mk of boat But best of all – with the Gold/Silver/Bronze fleets everyone has something to race for.

    Hopefully this will soon be reflected in greater numbers having a go and anyone seeing us sail so badly will quickly realise that they can easily sail as well as us and have a good chance of competing for some trophy.

    Thanks to all that helped organise the event.

    Postscript : We also booked tickets to the Falmouth event tent for the Soul night and the 70s & 80s night both great especially the fancy dress for the 70’s & 80’s night but on passing the watersport centre we saw a free invite to another Soul night. During a band break we went there and enjoyed a group giving there all for no charge and being thoroughly entertaining even if not 100% professionally polished. One of the little female singers we thought was fantastic – imagine our suprise to be served coffee the next morning at Restronget by the same girl helping out in the galley.

    Please lets have more events/competition like Falmouth week.

    Postscript 2 – read the race report and as the norm only mentions the leaders. I once did an article “From the back of the fleet”. Please lets encourage others who will never be up with the best to write a report of each event “from the back of the fleet” to describe the real fun of competing even when you are not up with the front runners but still having a great and enjoyable time. Hopefully such reports will give positive encouragement to others to have a go at racing even when they know the have limited ability /experience.

    Roger & Jane W8619 – Wide Buoy Too


    Well said Roger. Nice comment and reflects a good number of the feelings expressed by the fleet who came to Falmouth. I was disappointed at the number of entries and particularly that some had apparently not come for ‘political’ reasons.
    I think the way forward is becoming clear and there is a positive future for the class.
    What was so good about Falmouth was the number of new crews, new to the fleet and full of enthusiasm.



    Great contribution Roger and Jane,

    And you’re bang on right! Sadly we missed the first 2 days so were never competing for the week, but having shaken out the rust we were as fast as anyone upwind and downwind on the last day and so nearly took Mike Mac on the line in our 35 year old Mark 2 (with Macnamara sails of course).

    She was referred to as ‘The Aged Chough’ 20 years ago – so not sure what she is now, but I detected a few very frustrated owners of brand new boats getting somewhat cross as we held, or sailed away from them!

    Here’s looking forward to Upper Thames, Bough Beech, and 2010!

    Robin Barker, Chough (w4286 – Mark 2 Westerly, launched in 1974, and winner of last race in Nationals 1980 …. and so nearly in 2009, 29 years later!)

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