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    Boat names easy
    LIQUOR on the bow, POKER on the stern and all 3 are covered.


    I don’t get that, Roger. Can you explain what you mean, please? 😉

    Sea Lancer

    Lamb retta
    1st place then you’ll always be in …..1st place 😆


    Steve asks why an eight in the number !

    -and he’s not the first to ask that question !!

    The answer is to be found on page 159 of Ian Proctor’s ” Sailing – Wind and Current “

    Apparently the flow of air across a sail tends to ‘stick’ to the sail numbers but with an 8 , and only an 8 ,the sticking produces a vortex which accelerates the air flow as it leaves the bottom part of the 8 .

    While this effect has been known to W sailors for years the physicists only recently discovered it and has resulted in them building a huge tunnel to the north of Geneva in the shape of a huge 8 in an effort to reproduce conditions during the Big Bang !

    Colin Parkstone

    OH MY !!!!!

    Should such people be let loose on the race course with nice shiny new

    boats or should they be

    ” Loched Away “

    C P 😕 😮 😡


    The 8 is obvious from the results.
    Take a look at the Nationals, Worlds and any big open meetings in the last 2 or 3 years – Wayfarer results only.
    Check out how many boats with 8’s in the number do much better than the average would suggest….


    Thanks Chris

    Colin is under the impression that he is the reason he’s up the front –
    in reality it is Sara AND the 8 .


    Dear All
    Brian Phipps, well known Dart Catamaran Champion and owner of the area we will be using for boat storage/recovery has responded to me with the following…for your information.

    Hi Liam,
    No problem good to hear there will be a growing group of Wayfarer sailors.
    Camping will be as it was last year, “Caravan Club” style camping, basic but on site, we also have limited spot for MB homes that want to stay on site, have attached a sheet.
    I know the Wayfarer group are pretty self contained but if there is something we can offer on top of the standard car and boat parking come back to me.
    1) A vehicle tow facility to haul boats back to the dinghy park at the end of the day? My thinking is providing a suitable tow at a set time each day to take boats back into the dinghy park for those who do not want to raise a team!
    2) A landyachting evening on the north cost? Normally we take up to 30 persons, suitable for everyone.
    3) Class BBQ facility at the centre? We have the open barn and BBQ drums where you can have a class party one evening.

    Let me know .

    Windsport Camping 2009
    Caravan Club style camping facilities, available to individuals using the Windsport launch or watersports facilities.
    Currently there are no electrical hook up facilities. Persons under 18yrs require parental supervision at all times on site
    Pitch information (per pitch) Size 5m x 4m Includes 2 x adults 1 x car parking space
    Car parking NB. Cars park in adjacent car park area
    Caravan / Mobile homes Subject to size (ask for details)

    Day rate
    Pitch rate £25.00
    Additional adults £2.00
    Additional children (Under 16 yrs) £1.00

    Camping area 30m x 14m allows 14 pitches max

    The above is the attachment. Pitches at Cosawes are cheaper and more facilities. If you choose Windsport the facilities are basic but the location is adjacent to the dinghy park and has superb views.

    I don’t think there will be a need for the vehicle tow he talks about but will discuss with him anyway.
    I have suggested the idea of an evening land yachting might be of interest…it looks like fun and I am sure we would all be very good at it!

    The BBQ is dependent on decisions around the social calendar because RSC holds its own BBQ/Hog Roast for us as does neighbouring Mylor YC who put on a Mardi Gras with live music.

    The Committee will be visiting in advance I understand, and will no doubt sort such things out but I like to wet your appetites.

    I intend to source some locally made mementos of the occasion for all entrants. Still got mine from the 2000 Champs. Stuck to the Fridge!!!!



    Dear All

    I have received a few enquiries about how to enter the Nationals at Falmouth.

    The advice I am giving is to use the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association Website (PoFSA)and enter on line.

    The link is:

    I was not successful with paying on line but the entry was successful. Cheque following by snail mail for £79 which is the basic cost of entry. If the Association intend to add a levy, this will have to be done retrospectively because there is no facility for this using the web based system which is generic for all classes entering Falmouth Week Regatta.

    I remind you that Dinghy/vehicle parking is with Windsport and the link is :

    I have arranged that we will have our own Association Prize Giving at Restronguet Sailing Club after all races are concluded. There is then a corporate Prize giving/tea/drinks/evening meal at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club which is very nice if a bit ‘yotty’ and has very deep carpets! Sponsors prizes for the first few lucky ones in the fleet will be given out….usually include vouchers worth up to £200. A grand Fireworks display then follows which is well worth watching.

    There is camping available at Windsports overlooking the Estuary and right behind the Dinghy park, at £25 per night (the view is second to none!). If you want that, book now, pitches are in limited supply. Most Wayfarers seem to be booking at Cosawes, the traditional Wayfarer get together for which a good link is:

    Numbers of entrants is increasing, looking good for real Wayfarer event and proper cornish holiday! The programme for the week is hectic and will keep everyone, competitors and families busy.



    @Liam wrote:

    If the Association intend to add a levy, this will have to be done retrospectively because there is no facility for this using the web based system which is generic for all classes entering Falmouth Week Regatta.

    Note: the association will not be adding a levy.


    Dear all
    I have attached a few photos to give those who have not been there before, some idea of the estuary. There is a second slipway just out of the shot of RSC clubhouse. Some may recognise Jim Grant, a regular visitor to Falmouth.


    W 10507
    Silver Lining


    I have just returned from a week sailing out of touch with e mails and am aware I have missed some Q&As. There is an outline social programme which I have copied from the POFSA website THUS:

    The programme available at time of registration will contain details of
    the following:
     Club reception at RSC on Sunday afternoon.
     Daily prizegiving after racing.
     RSC Regatta Tea, music and prizegiving for all fleets on
     Pig Roast after racing on Thursday
     Events at Host Clubs during week.
     Extensive Henri Lloyd Falmouth Week events programme
     Final prizegiving at Royal Cornwall Yacht Club on Friday

    There is a web version of the full Programme on this link:

    The real Programme which is a glossy affair is being sent out to those who asked to receive their documents by post or will be collected from the POFSA office at registration. I am told it has taken longer than usual to get into print this year because there has been so much to put into it last minute including a confirmed showing of the Red Arrows on Wednesday…….no doubt whilst we are racing.

    I have every expectation there will be better weather than we had down there last week!!! it has to be said it couldn’t have been much worse for July.

    This weekend is looking quite promising and let us hope it is a sign of a good week to come. Restronguet are very much looking forward to hosting us.



    Can’t see any Wayfarer results……


    It has worked all week till yesterday, but I just went to the Falmouth week website and results – they are there

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