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    Wayfarer National Championships 2009.

    Those present at this years event at Poole inevitably discussed where we might go next year. I undertook to put a proposal together for Falmouth which should generate discussion and feedback.The outline is for our National Championships to be held at Restronguet Sailing Club on the beautiful Carrick Roads Estuary as part of Falmouth Dinghy Week 2009. The dates will be 8th to 15th August 2009.

    The Port of Falmouth Sailing Association (Pofsa) run the Regatta. There are two regattas running concurrently. One is for Yotties and working boats etc, the other a specific Dinghy Regatta run for Pofsa by Restronguet Sailing Club.

    We would have our own starts and probably our own courses, if we make our intentions clear early enough. We could have a mix of conventional and round the harbour courses, depending on numbers.

    The estuary is in my view easily big enough for good championship courses to be set. (Bigger than Poole Harbour by some margin, a lot deeper and the buoys can be seen!)

    Tidal influences are limited in strength. Local knowledge always a feature but not a race winning determinant. Classes who have held very successful Nationals to my knowledge at the same location are the RS200 with over 100 boats and Wayfarer with 76 boats as part of the Falmouth Week Regatta in 2000. This year saw the Comet Nationals and B 14 Worlds.The Principal Race Officer is likely to be Ian Fraser (Designer of the Dart Catamaran), a local resident and immediate past Commodore of Restronguet Sailing Club.

    The Race organisation this year was excellent with results appearing almost as we came off the water. Each start was filmed on camcorder and top few finishers filmed with times alongside as they crossed the line. This helped with protest committee hearings, of which there were a couple.

    Rescue facilities are provided as part of the overall Regatta organisation which in turn draws on the resources of six local sailing clubs.
    Boat parking would be at ‘Windsports’, alongside Restronguet sailing Club. This has an excellent and sheltered slipway onto the gently sloping beach.
    Boat washdown is at top or bottom of slipway.

    Car parking is either on Windsports own carpark alongside boatparking or the council owned sites in Mylor harbour.

    Showers /bar/changing room /galley are all at Restronguet Sailing Club. These are excellent facilities.

    They sell W.Rowe pasties which are a ‘must have’ at the end of racing. There are lots of home baked goodies and on several days of the week, free or ‘donations offered’ teas/meals to go with social events. These included Commodores reception/ Restronguet’s own sponsored race day/hog roast/live music etc. The range of Social events throughout the Regatta week is too long to go through but is very varied and suits all tastes, much is family based, to appeal to those who bring their families down for a holiday whilst they go sailing.

    Racing starts at 1100hrs. Two races are run back to back, generally concluded by early to mid afternoon which allows those who wish to go surfing on the north coast or to a south coast beach or local tourist attraction, the opportunity to make this a real family week.

    The Dinghy Regatta is six days, Sunday to Friday. This year we had just one round the harbour race on Friday which took us on a canter around all the harbours in the Estuary. This was an excellent two and a half hour sail which had the newly crowned Comet national champion unable to lose a Wayfarer called ‘Sink the Pink’ and suffered his third defeat in a row that week, not that I am gloating!!!

    The last day, Saturday, is optional. It is the Falmouth Town Regatta, a one day affair with lots of separate prizes.

    Accomodation is many and varied. It is now possible to camp shoreside, on land owned by Brian Phipps of Windsport (frequent Dart National Champion).

    I can temporarily secure as many pitches as we might need, as a group, at Windsport or Cosawes campsite just ten minutes drive from Restronguet near Ponsanooth. This takes caravans, campers and tents and is priced very reasonably. It is just off the Falmouth to Truro road and very handy for access to everywhere. The nearest surfing beach, at Porthowan is just eight miles away.

    Holiday cottages and a plethora of Hotels etc are available but need to be booked early and by that I mean this side of January 2008 to be sure of securing the accommodation you might want.

    Sponsorship. I can secure a promise of contribution in prizes and goodies from the main Sponsor ‘Henri-Lloyd’. Again they need to be ‘booked’ the sooner the better. They have been very generous in the past. We had a £100 voucher last year and our sons Will and Matt got the same for a Junior prize sailing a Hornet. ‘Henri-Lloyd’ are particularly excited at the prospect of a photogenic Dinghy such as the Wayfarer possibly holding their National Championship as part of ‘their’ Regatta, so this could be a case for striking whilst the going is good.

    Pofsa have been approached by me in the past and they along with Restronguet Sailing Club would very much welcome us as a National Fleet. This would add substantially to the profile of Falmouth Dinghy Week and would inevitably benefit the Wayfarer Dinghy as a serious class coming back to prominence.

    Costs. Regatta entry for last year was £70, adult and £50 junior (under 21) or £90 and £65 for late entries. (Not much different this year but I can’t remember exact figures.)
    Boat Parking was £35 for the week.
    Car parking was £24 for the week at Windsports.
    Accomodation and food are separate and the range of cafes and restaurants/pubs etc is huge.

    This event offers the opportunity for a weeks’ holiday entirely suited to families/couples alongside a serious Regatta and all the mardi-gras type atmosphere and resources that sets Falmouth alive for this period. It ends formally with a magnificent Firework display in Falmouth Harbour at 10pm on the Friday night.

    Our National Championships would become a key feature for the Dinghy Week and the profile of our class has to benefit. I undertake to meet with the Chair of Pofsa and progress our requirements if this is what the association wishes. The earlier we move the more likely I can secure discounts and sponsorship deals.


    · Not an open sea event which may put some helms off.

    · Courses set which might cross with other classes. This can be limited by sailing in separate areas which we can influence. The Estuary is big enough.

    · Variable winds. As with any estuary it is likely a range of strong to light winds will be experienced over a week with different directions. Some will see this as a positive.

    · Costs. Could be a little higher but bring a package of free events and a magnificent Firework display above Falmouth on the Friday evening after prize giving.

    · Need to commit early..get plans in place before Christmas if possible.


    Excellent race organisation and rescue facilities.
    Excellent boat parking/launching/changing/showers/bar and galley.
    Fantastic sailing on an estuary which could have been built for the Wayfarer Dinghy.
    Range of sailing conditions giving all weights/crew combinations a chance.
    Superb holiday destination.
    Too much to do in one week
    Full range of family activities throughout the week to help sailors’ families be a part of the whole event.
    Estuary side public footpaths give excellent viewing of racing at all times.
    Surfing beaches just twenty minutes away or less.
    Party atmosphere.
    Good sponsorship.
    Good public profile for the Wayfarer.
    Wide choice of Accomodation.
    Chandlery, two minutes walk from launching at Mylor Harbour.

    I have laid out the prospects for an event which I believe could be important in the Class history, just as the event in Falmouth in 2000 was. I anticipate a strong turnout with people purchasing or borrowing boats to take part.

    With sufficient notice given, I anticipate paintbrushes and sailmakers could be busy. I would expect some European travellers because in spite of the distance this would appeal as it is such a well known holiday destination.

    A flavour of the event can be found by visiting the following websites.

    : : and :

    I am not however intending to take the class in a direction it does not wish to travel and if the feedback given is not positive I will take arrangements no further.

    It would be good for Mike Mckechnie, our race Secretary, to see open discussion/comment and with the Committee decide whether to run with it or not.

    I am very happy to answer any questions you have. Mobile 07711 999223

    Liam McGrath

    Colin Parkstone

    At this time Liam, that looks good to me ! CP 😀


    ……. and don’t forget the excellent food and wine lists at nearby H.M.S. Ganges and the Norway Inn


    …and indeed the Pandora Inn.

    100% in favour of Falmouth, especially if we get to race in all corners of the harbour.


    All sounds really good, thanks for all the detail Liam.
    We look forward to it.



    Dear Liam,
    Myself and Mark really enjoyed your company alongside us in the dinghy park at Parkstone – it was a really good week – and many thanks to Parstone once again.
    But also, thanks Liam for putting these details up. As you know we discussed this possibility whilst at Parkstone and, if it gets general support for 2009 on this forum, I will put it to the Committee as soon as poss.


    Sad old git that I am, our visit to Poole and getting the old Chough out at the weekend in turn led me to browsing through some of the old Wayfarer mags for the last 34 years (yes Chough is now 34!!)

    And finding all the quotes about the Falmouth Nationals in 2000, with its outstanding 75 boat entry!

    The yearbook voted it the high spot of the year. The cruisers loved the opportunity to combine some racing with socials and estuary cruising. And it certainly led to some different faces at the front, though Mike Mac won through in the end …

    Mike Pert winning his weight in lager was another high spot – with the scales unable to cope!

    So I’d be well up for a return … maybe even in a new boat!

    Robin & June Barker
    Chough W 4286


    Jane & I have not been part of the travelling Wayfarers for the last 4 years since getting married (there must be a lesson there somewhere!!) but doing the Nationals at Parkstone has rekindled our interest.

    Like many we always did Falmouth week often at the expense of our own clubs Poole week because it was always so good.  In those days Robin & June Barker made tremendous efforts and kept the event at the top of our must do list.  I am confident that Liam and Sue will also do a great job and again make it a week to remember especially if its the Nationals combined with Falmouth Week. Its the extra aspect of a holiday week that made it so good as keen racers could take their families and the families also found lots to do.

    Camping with many other wayfarers, barbeques, teas/drinks/prizegiving at each club after that days race (each club around Carrick Roads takes responsibility for one day’s race so there will be daily club prizes for the Wayfarer fleet in addition to the Wayfarer Nationals prizes).

    As Robin said the year of the Nationals there was 75 Wayfarers plus a large cruising contingent that used the week as a cruising week (apart from some rebels that did the occassional race!).

    With current numbers so low until hopefully the class re-establishes itself I think combining the Nationals with a regatta week and at a holiday resort so that the rest of the family can come is the best way forward.

    So Liam & Sue you have our vote – ps mines a pint please!!

    Falmouth week Nationals will help bring the fun back into Wayfaring IMHO

    If its still the same I recommend getting a weekly pass for the Falmouth entertainment tent as they had great bands and dancing. Unfortunately its not too far for the Waldring lot to attend as IIRC they won the team prize last time.


    Dear all

    I have been in e correspondence with my Restronguet (Falmouth) contacts and they would be very happy to go with our proposal for Wayfarer Nationals 2009 as a week long event as part of Falmouth Dinghy Week.

    I have indicated we could make 40 boats which from the strength of positive responses I have had, combined with strength of last event seems a reasonable , if optimistic estimation. I suppose there may be a drop off with the reluctance of some of the Parkstone boats to travel. I am hoping that may be balanced by an increase in turn out from Waldringfield.

    I know it is a long way down here but it really is worth it for a weeks holiday and the best sailing in the country.

    Is this a goer or not?

    Mike can you get me a Committee response?

    W 10507


    I’ll get on with that now. It certainly gets mine and Steve’s vote. I will get back on this thread as soon as I know.


    The Committee have thoroughly endorsed the idea of Falmouth as a location for the 2009 Nationals so I will liaise with Liam and Steve and get preparations in motion! Get your accommodation organized now! Dates are, as I understand it, 8th to 15th August.


    Excellent, thanks for getting the date organised so quickly. We will be there.



    Many thanks for this, mind you I am not sure why I am thanking you when I know it will mean a fair bit of work to accomplish but I really do think it will be good for the class. I am thrilled to have received such a positive response, especially from those who have been there before and want to return.

    I will start negotiating some packages for camping/boat storage/parking/social event and race format. I will keep you updated and am very happy to receive direction/requirements from you by email or phone 07711999223

    W 10507
    ‘Silver Lining’


    Dear All

    Time is now, to start thinking about what sailing you will be doing this year and indeed where you will be going on holiday.

    I have received contact from the Commodore at Restronguet Sailing Club who will be looking after us (Malcolm Wakeley). His concern was to confirm our intentions to hold our Nationals there and if possible to guage numbers for a report to his General Committee.

    Concern hightened by the Credit Crunch. I reassured him by suggesting that for every boat deciding not to travel, it is as likely there will be another taking the correct and expedient decision to use Falmouth Week as an Annual Holiday this year because the state of the Euro is going to make travel abroad prohibitive.

    Why be hostage to absurd foreign exchange rates when you can have just as good a holiday in the wonderful area of Carrick Roads Estuary, with North Cornwall surfing beaches just 20 minutes drive away? Where better for a family holiday to suit many interests?

    Using the Parkstone Nationals and Falmouth 2000 as indicators, I have suggested we might field 40+ boats. I do hope this is realistic!

    To enhance numbers it is anticipated we will have a good turn out of cruising Wayfarers during the same event. There can be no better cruising base than Restronguet Club, using Windsport Launch/Recovery and berthing.

    If quick enough you can camp on site at Windsport. Most Wayfarers are likely to camp at ‘Cosawes’ (10 minutes by car) where we have been so well looked after in the past and the site is owned by the Principal Race Officer, Ian Fraser, also past Commodore of RSC, and members of his family.

    For other detail please see my other post, but do please keep an eye on this thread because I will be adding stuff as we get nearer, in addition to that which our Committee Officers post.

    RSC are very much looking forward to our arrival and it would be good to start a list of definites: It is always good to have an idea of who will turn up. Because there has been such a change around in the fleet, with a surprising number of new Hartley boats purchased I will start the list anew:

    W10507 ‘Silver Lining’ Liam and Sue McGrath


    For those who have not previously visited Carrick Roads, I have placed a few photos on the Cruising Thread.

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