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    I have removed my centreboard for refurbishment and it has two holes – both near to where I would expect the bolt to go. I would like to fill one in, and make sure I use the correct one; can anyone give me measurements for where the hole should be? Thanks!

    David Stanford


    According to a drawing I have, the centre of the pivot bolt is 78mm above the bottom edge of the board, and 44mm in from a line perpendicular to the bottom edge, rising from the intersection of the bottom edge and the angled front edge of the board. This intersection is not actually on the board itself, because the bottom corner will be rounded off.

    It might be worth asking why a second hole has been made. If the hole that was being used is not the correct one, it might be that the second hole has been created due to some issue either with the board or with the centreboard case (like perhaps the board does not properly retract). Just a thought.




    Thanks David,

    I have one hole 75 mm from straight edge (with brake) and 120mm in from straight leading edge, and the other hole is 85mm/75mm respectively – so different to yours in both cases. Like you, I wondered why someone had drilled a second hole? I may need to just try both but I am curious as to what has happened!


    Sean Fitzpatrick

    Taking a look at the measurement form,there is a max and mininmum measurement for the centreboard pivot hole in the centreboard case itself.On a wooden boat.

    I f your boat has had a used board at some stage in its life this might explain the two holes.

    You could perhaps refit your board and use the measurement forms on this site to make sure the board is in the correct position or make adjustments  before refurbishment.


    Thanks – that makes sense re the second hole. I have just found the measurement section which is very useful. Mind you, I also have two bolt holes in my rudder!

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