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    We own a Wayfarer World (sail number 9999) and over the past year have noticed that the strain induced by the Genoa halyard has created significant cracks in (at least) the gelcoat on the centre seat.
    The halyard is anchored through a point on the back of the seat with the cascade system feeding forward and using several anchor points on the centreboard case. On inspection we noticed that the seat is firmly fixed to the top of the centreboard case and there is similar cracking in the gel coat around this.
    Failure of the cascade system over the summer led us to install a couple of triples in order to ensure that we could control the tension on the rigging more easily but this seems to put more strain on the anchor point and actually distorts the seat which does not appear sufficient to take these loads.
    As we are also repairing the anchor points for the toestraps we were wondering if anyone has any ideas about the repair or a different anchor point? I can supply a photo if my explanation is unclear!!

    Also does anyone know if you can legally remove all the gubbins that goes with an assymetric spinnaker set up on a World, fill in the bowsprit hole and therefore leave a lot more room (and fewer ropes) for normal spinnaker operation.


    Roy & Peter

    Bob Harland

    I am not quite sure where on the centre seat your anchor points are.
    I guess on the vertical surfaces.

    The GRP on the seat is quite thin, so in itself not strong enough. However providing you can distribute the load with appropriate timber backing pieces expoxied in place then it would be ok
    For the genoa halyard this might mean something over the entire underside of the sea.

    On the toe straps – which anchor point gives trouble?

    Hope that helps


    Thanks Bob I think that ties in with what we thought ourselves. The Toestraps had been screwed into a wooden block that was fibreglassed to the under side of the same seat that is cracking. We only bought the boat a couple of years ago and I think the wood had been pierced several times before to reattach the toestraps and the wooden block is rotten with damp.
    They gave up in a force 5-6 on the final race of the Irish Nationals but fortunately it was a broad reach to shore!!

    I think I will try and tie the 2 jobs into one solid piece under the seat with a fibreglass sheath over it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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