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    John Farrell

    Hi All, just joined and also just got hold of a boat so looking for a little advice….

    1. I have a MKII and I want to convert it to centremain which I believe should be relatively straightforward. But does anyone know where I can source a mainsheet pulley that is usually in the centre of the boat on mainsheeted Wayfarers?

    2. Understood that MKII can invert due to ballast/floatation distribution. Considering putting some buoyancy on the masthead as a precaution and interested if anyone has any ideas?

    Dave Barker

    Hi John,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Most chandlers should be able to sort you out with everything you need for the centre main conversion. Exactly which bits you’ll require will depend on what’s already on the boat – I’m thinking of mounting blocks etc. (Sometimes there is a square of hardwood, sometimes a moulded grp platform etc). Through-bolting is probably going to be more dependable than screw fixing…

    There is some useful advice about this topic in the Wayfarer Book, which is available from UKWA’s shop section here on the website (or from Amazon).

    I don’t know if you have considered going to the Cruising Conference in March? Apart from a lot of great advice and lots to look at there is also going to be a sale of second-hand bits, which can be a good way to save money. Recommended.

    There’s an article in the Cruising section of the website which discusses masthead buoyancy. As always it would be interesting to hear of other people’s experience of this topic.

    John Farrell

    Many thanks Dave. I have the wayfarer book and I’ll also contact some of the Chandlers listed in the WA magazine re the pulley.

    For the inversion question looks like there are some simple solutions to mitigate the risk. I may just see if a 5 litre plastic bottle (similar to those used for screenwash) can be threaded on the main halyard as an interim before I get something more elegant sorted.

    Thanks again for your help.




    A standard MKII does not invert easy.
    That is a privilege reserved for the double bottom, self draining (=wet) boats like the World, the MKII-SD and the MKIV versions.

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