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    I intend to replace my centerboard in the next few weeks with an old acquired one that is in better condition then my current board . However when i got the board i sanded the varnish down to the bare ply , and i am now wondering what to finish it with , should i varnish again using marine varnish, paint or epoxy . If one of the last two, what paint would i need to use or with epoxy do you simply paint on the same rein used for laminating in glass or carbon and roughly howmany coats would be required of both . Any advice would be greatly received as i really don’t know what to use .

    Many thanks Dominic


    Although I use solid wood strip laminated foils I would finish a ply board the same. Having stripped previous varnish or paint and sanded the ply I have coated one coat of West System epoxy, followed with multiple coats of two pack polyurethane paint or varnish all applied with a gloss foam mini roller. Leaving to harden and rubbing down after about every three coats and possibly about twelve coats in total. Finish final coat to 1200 grit followed by paint cutting compound. This is for a high quality racing finish, you could be less fussy for a cruising finish.


    Thanks fantasia
    Could normal yacht varnish be used , or would this not be suitable ?


    I have a finish similar to Fantasia but I like to throw some woven glass in the mix. It not only makes the board stronger and stiffer but it also guarantees a very thick and strong finish that is not easily damaged when we run aground. There are some pictures and essays on WIT. My old board was finished with one pot varnish, today I prefer the easier solution: two pot paint. It makes repairs and putty disapear 😛

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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