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    At the last Excom meeting in Derby Richard Hartley (RH) reported that Hartleys would be sending 10 Wayfarers out to Canada for a cost of £1K each to be used at the event and sold on within the US/Canada after the event. These boats had already been allocated on a first come / first served basis to those on a list that RH tabled. Also tabled was the written agreement applying to those people on the ‘first ten’ list. In addition, insurance cover was required and Hartleys had obtained a favourable premium which those on the ‘first ten’ list would be asked to pay. Hartleys would need separate sight of any alternative cover. Having already allocated those 10 boats, Hartleys were willing to send out another 10 boats, of which 3 places had already been booked. But due to these boats needing to be shipped back to the UK after the Canada Worlds, the fee for these boats would be £2,300. This was entirely a commercial decision by the Hartleys and an approach which would not involve the UKWA in any selection or qualification process for the remaining 7 slots.
    In addition, should anyone wish to compete in their own boat at the event Hartleys would be willing to ship these, in numbers of 5 to fill a container, for a fee of £1,300. Loaded in Derby, allocation of these places would be, primarily, on a wishing to go / able to pay basis. However, should there be a number of such boats not divisible by 5, then places would be allocated on ‘attendances’ at National Circuit events. It was agreed this would be ‘attendances’ not results placings. Those attending more events would be given priority over those attending fewer events. The closing date for this would be December 2012. I will liaise with RH. That is not to say that this is the only way of getting to Canada and we will continue to hunt for sponsorship to help with containerization costs as well. Mike McKechnie


    Thanks Richard

    Any idea how long the boats will be away for – at my time of life i can’t afford to miss many weekends sailing !!

    Colin Parkstone

    I have been told, 6 to 8 weeks including the Championship Week but some have said less ???

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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