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    Any ideas for campsites with launching facilities for a family holiday?


    Would you like the list of all places in the world or do you have a specific area in mind? 😥

    If you type “UK Launching sites” in Google you get 29,300,000 hits 🙄
    The first two seem to fit the bill :mrgreen:


    Good question!

    We were thinking of the UK. We are keen to be able to have the boat very close at hand and maybe find a campsite with a slipway as part of it or a sailing club that will allow non members to camp.

    Within the UK, not to bothered for location. We hoped other Wayfaring families may have allready found some good spots.

    We have checked the “UK launching sites” site and not got very far with it. Recommendation means a lot more than a few lines on the webpage.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

    J Woods “Puffin”


    Here are a few we’ve used –

    Lake Bala – Pant yr Onnen, Llangower
    Ullswater – Waterside
    Loch Lomond – Millarochy or Cashel Farm

    or maybe consider the Ullswater Gathering – camping next to the yacht club and max 5yds to push your boat into the water.




    I will check those out.

    Which was your favourite?

    Jon Woods (Puffin)


    Try Ridge Farm Campsite, Wareham, for Poole Harbour, Studland etc. It’s well up te Wareham River (check Google map) so outboard, oars and/or lots of mega short tacking are the order of the day but the harbour is superb and you can do Studland and Swanage. Check tides before booking – there are weeks when there is a double high that lasts most of the day for several days.

    We have stayed at Park Coppice caravan club site nr Coniston. Caravans and camper vans. This is well back from the shore but boat launching was possible a few years ago. Ring them. Between this and the shore is a tenting site with a long beach on the lake and quite a few boaters. We don’t know the name, but if you Googlemap Coniston and pan southwards from the lakeside jetty and cafe you will see it. Peel Island (Wildcat Island) awaits!

    Check NW Scotland coastline for several tiny beach type sites, e.g. Clachtol Beach


    Cant really say which is favourite, they are all different depends what you are looking for. Bala is closest to us so we get there more often, Waterside is ok but having attended the last two Ullswater Gatherings we would chose that in preference, the two on Loch Lomond are similar and good bases for exploring the islands.

    Let us know if you come across any others.



    South west wise, what about Penmarlam on the Fal. Has its own slip but you’ll need to book early. Also on the Fal you can leave your boat at Loe Beach or Mylor for the week and camp at the excellent Carnon Downs campsite.



    @thehairs1970 wrote:

    South west wise, what about Penmarlam on the Fal. Has its own slip but you’ll need to book early.

    Isn’t Penmarlam at Fowey? ISTR a good site, but steep slipway.

    @thehairs1970 wrote:

    Also on the Fal you can leave your boat at Loe Beach or Mylor for the week and camp at the excellent Carnon Downs campsite.

    There’s also Cosawes camp site near Mylor, perhaps not quite so luxurious but it used to be more reasonably priced. It’s been a while though…



    Thank you for all the suggestions.

    I will be having a long internet session this weekend.

    We have only just worked out how to use the Forum and it is great.

    I am looking forward to checking out the ideas.

    Many thanks

    Jon Woods (Puffin)


    You do not say whether you would consider boat tent but here goes
    My favourate palce is Loch Lomond. On sailing; If you have an O/B.you have to register.Free but you have to buy or paint same on a board. Slip and go in Balloch and parking car and trailer Is free With no time limit.
    Loch is 25 Mi. X 5Mi. with about 38 islands Sandy beeches (no mud) Plenty of sheltered bays.We go for a week every year Mooring at a different pub for a meal every night.
    If you want a camp site I would recommend Millaorchy bay.Two slips.One into Bay with jetty.Other with on jetty but you can pull the boat on the L/T.and leave on the beech.
    I also sail on Ullswaterand Windermere.
    Give me a ring if you require more details.01228560085.

    Dave Griff

    I have a spare (battered copy) of UK launch sites going free to a careful owner if this is of any interest?



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