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    Hi everyone,
    I am returning to sailing after a decade or so and am looking to buy a wayfarer, problem is I dont know much about them, but I am learning fast.
    I am trying to decide between wood or grp and between a mark 1 and a mark 2. Also anything I should be looking out for as I look at boats for sale.
    My interest is cruising and spending several days at a time travelling around the coastline and the larger lochs.
    Any information or advice would be gratefully recieved.
    Many thanks

    Colin Parkstone


    Wood boats are all Mk1 type and there was a Mk1 Grp boat made in the first use of Grp.

    Mk2 in only Grp is more resent and much more available. Also Grp parts for that type are available for replacment and upgrading.

    Mk2 Grp is a stronger made boat than the early Mk1.Used for all kinds of Wayfarer sailing and at all sorts of prices.

    Good Luck with your search.

    C P 🙂


    Hi Colin
    thanks for your reply, that helps. I have just seen a mark 1 today and am going to see a mark 2 at the weekend. Once again thanks for your time.

    Bob Harland

    Vince, Information on the various marks of Wayfarer can be found here;

    Hope that helps



    thanks Bob


    We started off with a mk2 but changed for a mk1 (grp) which has several advantages for our requirements. We only cruise so the large access hatch into the front tank for kit storage is much better than the shelf on the mk2. Also with 2 small children the mark 1 offers space for them sit under the foredeck out of the wind/rain which has worked very well on a number of occasions this year.

    Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious but I consider condition to be more important than age (our mk2 was late 80’s but our mk1 is early ’70’s and in much better condition) and also if you are going to trail around quite a bit then a good reliable combi trailer is essential.

    I note you are on the Wirral – we are in Northwich so dont hesitate to get in touch if we can be of any help.



    thanks Jonathan
    I think you are right about condition rather than age.


    Hi all
    thanks for reading my topic and thanks to those who replied. I have just bought W7584 let the adventure begin.

    Colin Parkstone

    At my age I should be in good condition but i am not.

    So much for that theory ???

    CP 😕


    thanks cp but I think that proves the theory don’t you

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