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    I have recently aquired a woodie No. 482 which is in generally good condition (I owned a grp previously). I would like to address the question of buoyancy for racing and venturing to sea later. It came with two hely-hanson sausage shaped buoyancy bags (3ft by 8″), one lashed under the port seat and the other placed in the aft locker. The aft and bow lockers appear to be sound though I have not tested by immersion or air pressure. One of the seals is very slightly corroded. So my questions are: Does a woodie float if completely swamped lockers and all? Are the two bags correctly positioned and adequate? Should I replace the rubber seal (forward locker) and if so who might supply a new one?
    I would welcome your comments, many thanks,


    Bob Harland

    A wooden Wayfarer will float if the buoyancy compartments/lockers are flooded. But it will be impossible to recover the boat without beaching it. Float in this context means it will not sink.

    You should test that the buoyancy compartments are sound. As a failsafe you can put buoyancy bags in there as well. Under the side bench is not necessary, and would be better off in the buoyancy compartment where the buoyancy is designed to be.
    But if the buoyancy compartments/lockers were totally flooded the two bags as you describe them would be woefully inadequate. The compartments are that size for a reason.
    If the seals look dodgy then best to replace them, and check carefully that the catches are in good order.
    For seals try or perhaps
    You can get seals from all sorts of places – but the right one is a minefield – which does not necessarily mean the same as you have at the moment!.

    Colin Parkstone

    Looking at this article and it saying that it had one blow up bag under the side seat made me think,Yes very unusual I know and very noisy!!

    What would you think the affect would be,for the better that is if a swamped Wayfarer had these bags fitted with regards to the rolling one gets from gunwale to gunwale with a water filled Way.

    The bouyancy being at the bow and stern and non in the sides of a wood boat that is.



    PS. 20 + viewings,Has it made you all think about it??

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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