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    Everyone bleats on about checking fittings, and making sure your wayfarer is safe.
    But can you recover from a capsize?
    Are your tanks watertight to keep your essentials dry? (e.g box of wine, cheese and biscuits)

    A group of Wayfarers tested their buoyancy last weekend at Notts County sailing club. It doesn’t have to be done in drysuits and a be a boring event – we had a great laugh! Buoyancy tests do more than check your boat’s watertightness, it’s also a good chance to wash all the bits out of your boat, get the salt and sand out of your sheets and even check the fittings you don’t always see, as we found out on Aeowen, she has a cracked centreboard. Better to find out now than when you see it drift away from you in the sea!

    Here’s the first silencedbadger video in a good while of it:


    Thanks for posting the new video Kate, enjoyed watching it, really must put that old wetsuit on and go for a swim (and check the centreboard….)


    Dave Bevan

    Nice video, no inversions though?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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