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    Chris Hunka

    i bought a Mk2 a few months ago and sadly have ventured out only twice due to a lack of a buddy. My wife, bless her, isn’t as keen as me. The boat is well equipped: 3 reef main, aero luff furling Genoa, I have a new mariner 3.5 outboard.

    Ive got sailing experience although it’s on bigger boats. I need a buddy to go out with, happy to crew or helm on my boat or yours but I need some sea time. Will travel in Solent area too

    be a pity to not sail but I’m not confident enough to go solo yet






    Hi Chris,

    I’ve not sailed for a few years now and Bramble has been tucked up in storage, being crewless myself it might be worth touching base to see if we can both get on the water?

    Regards Peter

    W3035 Bramble



    Chris Hunka


    i did reply but it doesn’t seem to show up so apologies if you read this twice. Thanks for responding and it would be good to get out in either my boat or give Bramble a bit of a run. My boat is parked in Keyhaven and I live in Sway. Mobile 07802904672

    chat soon



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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