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    Things a bit slow on the forum at the moment, so I thought I would share an experience with you.
    Last week I went out for a short sail at Brancaster and like I always do got tempted out of the harbour. Winds had been northerly strong for some time so the wave conditions were ‘interesting’ to say the least.
    Out of the (relative) shelter of the channel I got hit sideways by two large breakers. Quite a lot of ‘gallons’ came in, but the boat never felt in danger. I only had about half plate, but less would have been better as it would have helped the boat push sideways instead of acting as a lever. Showed once more the astonishing seaworthiness of the design, but highlighted the need to be aware of the potential from waves and the need to prepare for them.
    Anyone got any similar experiences (not you Frank!).



    I thought you only did that sort of thing in other people’s boats! Risking your new mast again .. tut tut!!


    PS I wonder if Barbie would have done any better than Sionine did that time off Overy?


    Hi Matt! Hi David!

    As you already know (un)fortunately I don’t have any similar experience yet, but relating to nasty waves playing with the boat I did find an interesting video shot on youtube (Anita im orkan):


    Another (offtopic but amusing) thing while ‘the forum is slow’ – a school project demonstrating the nature of the ‘bura’ wind (cold air accelerating down the steep mountains, bouncing of the sea surface below the mountain and accelerating again thru a narrow passage):


    Best regards to all!



    Thanks for that Matoi………a night of bad stormy dreams!
    Actually I wanted more detail from Matt………was it a confused sea or were you going for a spot of surfing……..had you lost wind/speed in a trough……..presumably the water came over the windward gunwhale. From windsurfing and spending far too much time in (as opposed to on) the white stuff I was always amazed how a board rides over the waves not getting stuck going through them (hey it floats)……however the secret to success was to be moving (planning), (which I guess is what the yawl in Matoi’s storm was trying to acheive with the jib). Having no intention of sailing a Wayfarer in your conditions Matt I still like to visualise the scenario. How much sail did you have up and would you have valued a life-line? I ask the second bit as for my own Easter adventure I took my (no-cred) sit-on kayak accross the Fowey and it was definitely gale force gusts………one immersion and it would have blown away so fast!
    Final thought. Having studied addictive behaviour one feature of addiction is that unchecked, the addiction leads you to hospital, prison or death! I suspect we are all addicts here however we describe it. Take care all and cheers Matt, the quiet forum got the old brain in overdrive.


    Hi Dave (and thanks for your bits Mato),
    Wind was west of north, I was just off the close haul position and the waves were regular, but a bit big!. It was a case of keeping the boat powered up and sailing – as you say a moving boat can be controlled. I had one reef and jib up and certainly wasn’t overpowered. As to lifelines – I have never been a fan of them and never worn one. My thinking is that unless the line is secured forward of the mast there is a chance the pull of a person overboard will hold the boat off the wind and cause a capsize. I rely on agility and a strong sense of not wanting to get drowned to keep me in touch with the boat and back in quickly. I have fallen out a couple of times, but never let go completely.


    Hi Matt
    Thanks for the details…….sounds like a great sail…..not that I’m up to that …..as for the lifelines it was as much a link into my paddle and the lengths we go to for some fun when conditions are against us ……..the only time I have thought they might be a good idea is on a long open sea moderate sail where fatigue might come into play and you drop out and for some reason the boat sails off into the distance…..(I realise it should turn head to wind but if the mainsheet got snagged)……..anyhow roll on summer.
    2 unrelated questions (apologies)….does anyone use thigh waders for launching and keeping dry at the start of the summer sailing season? sailing in a wetsuit is fine but unneccessary for my family sailing picnics and I’m not into winter sailing kit
    secondly having read about the tri-sail (Ken Jensen) elsewhere does anyone currently use one (albeit very rarely?) or does a second ?third reef equate (again no plans to put this into practice with or without family!)
    cheers Dave


    Hi Dave,
    I wear a pair of chest high dry trousers most of the year having got fed up with wet feet launching in the past. I have had people ask about capsizes in them and filling with water. I have done this – about 8 times once and ended up with ankle depth water inside. Of much more importance is to not be overweight and unfit so capsizes remain a nuisance rather than a disaster.

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