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    Hello farers,

    Have just removed an old well worn ally fairlead from the st/bd bow which came out surprisingly easily. Held on by two self tappers of adequate length and gauge, but there appears to be no wood under the fibreglass. I  have two new f/leads to place one each side but am worried about the purchase. The “thing” has had a lot of use over the yrs so am I worrying needlessly or does anyone know that there is usually some hardwood at the nose area which ain’t easy to spot.

    Pete   {7059}



    Assuming it is a GRP boat, it  has big lump of GPR in it’s bow where a woody has a beam. All boats have self threading screws AFAIK. This construction apparently has held well over the years with your boat. I would not worry and mount the new fairleads in the same way. But just to be sure the screws do not suffer from metal fatigue  I would use new, never before used SS screws and dip them in epoxy to fill voids and/or fix damaged threads inside the holes. And to make sure the epoxy goes everywhere it may be a good idea to drip some in the holes before inserting the screws.

    Dave Barker

    Our previous boat, a GRP Mk2, had a block of wood up front, mainly for the bow fitting to be fixed to, but I’m not sure whether it extended far enough from the bow to be useful for the fairleads.

    If I were to use epoxy-coated screws in epoxy-filled holes I think I would coat the screws with wax first, just in case I needed to remove them in future for any reason.


    Thanks Swiebertie and Dave, Have now done the job pretty much as you have advised, with the exception that I have mounted a curved stainless plate upon which the new f/leads sit and have used heavier gauge s/screws, [the previous ones being a little on the thin side]. The idea of the plate is to hold a 13mm bulls eye f/lead to retain both the forestay h/yard [for bridgeshooting] and also the furling drum line which I have lead through the coaming ? [flush to the deck and sealed,nylon tube etc]to a small cam cleat just left of the mast. It all looks pretty good to me, but how things will work out in practise  I have yet to see. Thanks again  Pete     {[Redsky] 7059


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