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    Hi everyone,

    Sorry if this has already done the rounds !!.

    I am looking at replacing the old floorboards on my MK1 GRP. can anyone please help with the correct material and thickness. I have read the Wayfarer book, but have also received conflicting information from other W users.

    The boards are in four parts at the moment, is it easier or more practical to just have them in two long sections ?

    Thanks for your help.


    Bob Harland

    The floorboards are covered by the class rules – download a copy from WIC;

    This specifies a minimum thickness 8mm or 5/16″.
    Whether you choose marine ply or not depends on your budget – Robbins will deliver marine ply. Better quality ply will also be stronger for a given thickness.

    Personally I would always have “2 long sections”.

    There is quite a detailed post on floorboards here;

    hope that helps



    When I posted the questions in the thread that Bob referred to I was initially keen on replacing one part boards with two part ones but I went with the advice of one part boards. That was on my mkII. I now have a mk1 which has two part boards. I have found that the aft ones flex a little more than the one part boards despite having battens underneath to stiffen them up (I sail with the aft benches removed so perhaps there is a tendency to tread a little closer to the edges of the boards). I dont know what grade of ply they had been made from.

    So, having some experience of both versions, I too would probably conclude that one part boards are the way to go.



    Thanks for all your help,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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