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    Hi there – my second newbie question……

    I’m looking to simplify the current mainsheet arrangement on my Wayfarer and I need to attach two lacing eyes to the underside of the boom.

    I guessing these will need to withstand high loads so should I use stainless self tapping screws or pop rivet these in place? If I use pop rivets will alluminium rivets be ok or will I need to use Monel rivets? (I only have a DIY hand held rivet gun)




    I just reattached a cleat to the mast, and used stainless steel rivets. To prevent galvanic corrosion, I assembled with Lanocote, an anti-corrosive grease. You can also get a paint that has the same effect.

    I am sure that self-tappers also work fine, again use something that prevents corrosion between the stainless and aluminium.

    Dave Bevan

    What boom section do you have Martin?
    The Wayfarer boom section has a slot underneath, so suitable fittings can be slid into the slot and clamped in position – no need to drill.


    Thank you both for your posts.

    Having checked, yes there is the slot underneath so a couple of sliding eyes could be inserted and clamped in place. As the previous owner has epoxy’d a tube to hold up the main sheet half way along the boom I’ll need to drill out the rivets holding the boom end in place to get them in but I’m guessing this wil be easier than my original plan as I can then use alloy rivets to hold it back in place as this won’t be load bearing.


    Colin Parkstone

    If you go for sliders in the slot,make sure you have the right size as Seldon changed them on the new booms to something bigger. (See other thread )

    Rivets are good, screws also but they have a sharp end to them and can cut a rope to bits inside a boom or mast.

    C P 😉


    An alternative for the boom is to use a nut and bolt. You need two people, a long piece of beading and blutack. After you make your hole, stick the nut to the blutack on the end of the beading. One person pokes in the beading till the other person can see the nut through the hole. Attach the fitting and insert the bolt. Fiddle till it engages with the nut. It is easier than it sounds (not a lot), and it ought to be super secure, particularly with some resin.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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