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    Bob Harland

    We are looking for a neat way to secure the rope bridle for the boat tent.
    The bridle would be permanently in place.

    Does anyone have a neat way of attaching the fittings to the gunwhale?
    Or some other solution?



    Dave Barker

    I’m not sure how applicable this would be, but here goes…

    Rob Wagstaffe supplies stainless steel P clips for this purpose. They are about 1mm thick, 15mm wide, 28mm long and take a bridle up to 5mm in diameter. The snag is that they would normally be fitted at the same time as the gunwhale rubbing strip.

    You could retro-fit them, but you’d have to find a way to cut a slot from underneath (if you went for the usual vertical alignment) or you could mount them horizontally beneath the gunwhale. I’m not sure how much of a flat surface you have there on a woodie.


    P clips work very well. Just make sure they are (A4) 316 grade stainless steel. The A2 or 306 grade will rust bleed in a marine environment.

    What’s this about a woodie then? Have you decided to go fully traditional? Not content with using oars instead of an outboard you want the warm glow a woodie gives you as you run your hand lovingly over the side decks, that have been polished to that silken finish, only hard won by countless tacking following many a successful cruise. Not that I am biased to a wooden boat you understand.

    On a less poetic note. If you cannot find what you want or design something that is not available I could probably manufacture it for you. I seem to be making quite lot of bespoke marine fittings lately.


    After echoing the sentiments of my esteemed Yorkshire fellow wooden boat owner I would like to say that I use a series of these RWO hooks after closing the hook part in a vice.

    Bob Harland

    thanks for the suggestions.
    Rob Wagstaffe has suggested we try these fittings, they look quite discrete.
    So we will give them a go.



    I note the new boat number – more detail is needed I think.


    Hi Bob

    Do you know where to buy these? I’ve had a quick look on the internet but could not find them.



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