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    I have noticed people using boat rollers as horizontal fenders (or vice versa) – as I understand it everything in dinghy cruising must have two uses!
    I have been unsuccessful in locating such a product and would be very grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Graham Lawson (Skylark, 10004).


    Have a look in Sailing Today – plenty of adverts.

    Bob Harland

    Zodiac boat (inflatable) rollers should still be available, you will probably have to obtain them thru a Zodiac dealer;

    they are far better than fenders for boat rolling, though less convenient to use as fenders – bcz you have to inflate them first.

    remember to get a pump as well


    @Bob Harland wrote:

    Zodiac boat (inflatable) rollers should still be available, you will probably have to obtain them thru a Zodiac dealer;

    No, they stopped making them about ten years ago. šŸ™
    I have been looking for a suitable replacement for several years.


    Put ‘inflatable boat rollers’ into google and plenty of adverts come up. The ones from Chandlery or Western Marine (on UK Sites) look good to me, but I am unsure what weight you would need as they are classed as 350kg or 600kg.

    Bob Harland

    in theory the smaller ones should be just ok – Wayfarer weighs about 200kg plus your gear
    check how easy they are to inflate/deflate, packed size


    Thank you for the suggestion of the Force 4 boat rollers. I was just about to order them but discovered they do not have eyes at each end – to double as fenders.



    This topic set me thinking as I am off to Scotland shortly and the ability to beach Cuillin away from ‘home’ is always a benefit. The Force 4 roller bags look good, but if you want to use them as a fender could you not create a net sling/fender sock to support them? The volume would not increase by much and it could double as a beer cooler when anchored!

    As to the your other post about sleeping aboard I think a bivvy bag (which I have form my other life) sounds essential to keeping dry.


    Are you sure about the eyes – the picture shows that they have ?


    Dave Barker


    The product review on the Force 4 web unfortunately states “Seems no way to attach a line so you could lose one”. Thus I believe the picture might be misleading.

    That said, Force 4 are out of stock at the moment.


    In the end I went for the bigger ones from Force 4 as they were available before I go away. They do not have any points for attaching a line but are very easy to inflate and look good. See pic.


    Aidrian – just interested to know if you have had any success using these rollers? I’m thinking of getting some perhaps this year.



    They are very impressive, but in the end I did not actually use them. They are certainly robust; although the smaller size may do better if only an occasional user. The main drawback of the large size is the time to inflate – a pump is certainly required, which makes it very quick but I would not want to inflate them by mouth!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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