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    Winter is upon us and my garage is geting a bit cold to work in so what better way to spend the evening than to make a scale model of my wooden boat. Yes I know I can take all the measurements off my boat but it is so much easier if you have a drawing to work from. Porters in Wroxham used to have a lovely set of line drawings framed in their office and they would be ideal. But would a builder let me have a set? If I were a builder I might be a bit wary.
    If anyone has a set of drawings I would be most happy to buy them or pay for a copy or copy and return them.
    Depending on how long the winter is I might even make a half model to put on the wall.

    Dave Barker

    I don’t suppose you fancy making a 1:1 “model” for me while you’re at it John?


    John, if possible I would like one (you know how inept I am with anything wooden)


    You and a few others Simon!!!!!!!
    Perhaps I will have to look towards making a kit for home construction to practice on before buying the real kit for a full size boat. Yes I know I live in cloud cuckoo land but I can dream.



    I had wondered about building a model too. My idea had been to construct my own drawings from the measuments as stated in the class rules. A quickish glance suggests all the info is there, but some work required to convert into drawings. Wouldn’t give you details of all the parts, but likely to be more accurate than taking the measurements off the real thing?




    I had a similar interest some years ago and I built a detailed model of a Mk1 Wayfarer about 5-6 years ago.

    The deatils are as below (all measurements in inches):

    Length 32, Beam 12, Height 54 (centre board to mast tip)

    White hull, matt black foils, varnished deck/internals/ mast/boom and wood work

    The model is a static display at present but was designed for radio controlled use at a later date.

    The hull was made over frames and the mast out of wood. The detail included veneering the ply decks and internal visible ply parts.

    I took the completed model to several open meetings including Toronto for the world championships (I used to sail in Finitor), so some of the old time racers may be able to remember it.

    Please call me to discus what drawings I still have. I would also be pleased to talk about how I went about it, I still have some pictures of the model in various stages of build.

    Also if any body else is interested the model may be for sale.

    Robin Albert

    01737 243912
    07770 817031



    I’m off to Hartley’s tomorrow or Friday to pick up my boat, ready for a visit to Brancaster in a week or so. It is having a rubbing strake fitted. I’ll ask them if they have any drawings that may help. I assume you’d prefer a drawing of a 20th century woodie rather than the current model. I’ll try for one with Ian Proctor’s signature on it. May not match the dimensions of 1162 though!!



    You need rubbing strakes at Brancaster?


    Robin, I sent a PM – I’m interested, having seen the model…………

    All the best


    Thanks for all the help everyone. I now have a set of plans, mainly from measuring my boat. Interesting to note that although built in 1966ish the old boat will still measure with measurements in the middle of the tollerances allowed.
    I have seen pictures of Robin Alberts model Wayfarer. It looks very good.
    Worth a Wayfarer News article Robin?


    However good the picture is of Robin’s model, I bet it scarcely does it justice. The model was beautiful. I remember when Robin bought it to an Open Meeting (was it Bough Beech?) and it was breathtaking.

    If I had the money, and the room to display it, I certainly would make an offer

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