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    I am looking for a new cover – anyone got any experience of the ‘Rain and Sun’ covers advertised in the latest mag?


    I purchased Poly cotton breathable cover from ‘Sail Register’ last year. Very happy with quality and price was competitive. There is new price list if you follow the attached link. The price has gone up but I don’t know how they compare now.


    I found it pretty well essential on a woody to have a cover that covers the whole transom, as the varnish is so vulnerable to the sun; we sewed in an extra ‘flap’ to our existing cover, but Rain & Sun covers seems to do this as standard. Ray


    Hi Ray,
    Yes, I liked the transom cover feature. My Sail Register cover has just about had it now, but it wasn’t a perfect fit round the shrouds and it never quite stretched to cover the very front of the foredeck either, but apart from that it has lasted reasonably well.


    I bought a Rain & Sun cover in the autumn for my newly redecked composite so wanted a first class cover. The cover is very well made and from what I checked at the time is competitively priced.

    The chap at Rain & Sun has a woodie himself and was very helpful, allowing me to go and look at a cover insitu on his boat.

    There a some good details: a fully enclosed transome, deep skirts around the gunnel, very simple things like the 2 tapes that go under the hull on the rear end are long enough to just walk around the stern with tape in hand rather than scrabbling under the boat.

    Recommended !

    Peter W3035


    At last a cover designer that knows most boats, including the GRP ones, have rubbing streaks ?

    Dave Barker

    It might just be worth talking to a sailmaker about having a custom cover made?

    When I recently took my sails in for a check over and an extra line of reefing points, we also briefly chatted about covers. It seems that it should be possible for a sailmaker to produce a polycotton (but not a pvc) cover at a competitive price, with the added advantage of being able to tweak the design. A bespoke cover could be made to fit around a genoa furling drum, for example, which is the one aspect of my cover that I would seek to improve.

    Of course it’s also possible that a cover maker like Rain and Sun would be willing to tweak their design for you…


    We have had our ‘Rain and Sun’ for two complete seasons, and we are very pleased with it. It was very competively priced when we bought it, but the fact that the chap owned a woodie was the decider.

    When it came, and it came very quickly, it had nice long straps to walk round the boat with, rather than throwing them under, with clippy things on to save trying to thread the straps with cold fingers, fits snuggly round the shroud. but it fits everywhere without having to pull and push to get it right

    We are very pleased with it.



    Mine’s a Rain and Sun cover and is lasting very well!

    Anyone who wants to meet “Mr Rain and Sun” come to the Southerns at Warsash ahd look out for a a bright yellow boat called Yella 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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