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    Not only does the Wayfarer celebrate 50 years, but the Ullswater Gathering celebrated a couple of other bithrdays.

    Adam Jenkin’s, one of our youngest sailors having a great time playing in the mud and a birthday he might remember in years to come!

    And John Mellor/my Dad/Mr Cruising Secretary/R&T Chairman. However you know him, it was his ‘milestone’ birthday, so Aeowen had a fancy dress party for him.

    Thanks for watching all the videos I do, and the stills and clips people have sent me! There’s still more to come this year, so keep an eye on Silenced Badger! 8)

    W1162 Aeowen

    P.S Here’s the music you’ve all been missing in your lives unless you’ve come to an Ullswater gathering!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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